Why Sony needs to (but can't) drop the price of the PS3

"With its new-generation PS3, Sony has come closer to breaking even, although it probably hasn't quite reached that mark yet," Rassweiler said in a statement. "With iSuppli's estimated PS3 cost at $448.73, the product retailing in the United States at around $399 and taking into account other expenses, the PS3 may be able to break even in 2009 with further hardware revisions."

Great, but is that enough time? With Microsoft and Nintendo outselling Sony's console each month with ease, Sony's window of opportunity is almost closed.

According to NPD, sales of the PS3 fell 19 percent in November from a year earlier, and according to a report in The Wall Street Journal, analysts are expecting "flat or lower PS3 sales" again in December. Compare that to the Wii's incredible sales numbers and the Xbox 360's jump of 8 percent over last year, and it's apparent that things aren't going so well in the Sony camp right now.

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rucky3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

"PS3 doomed"

*Copy and paste*

*Modifies a few sentences*

BAM!!! You got yourself a legitimate sounding anti-PS3 article.

Nathan Drake3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )


RPG Guy3638d ago

Makes up for 60% or so of heat generated here on N4G.

Where as any GOOD PS3 article is more or less ignored like the plague.

gambare3638d ago


nuff said

HDgamer3638d ago

Rucky is right. These articles are from people who don't know what they are talking about.

Ghoul3638d ago

im so sick of this bull

ps3 is doomed, ps3 is struggling, ps3 needs this, ps3 needs that, ps3 is underperforming, ps3 has no games, etc.


- I have many many exclusives on my ps3 and exactly 2 left on my 360 (rest is going to pc)

- It sold way better then the 360 in the same timeframe HOW THE HECK CAN THIS BE NEGATIVE.

Bubble Buddy3638d ago

gambare, you beat me. Someone should keep track of how many PS3 doomed articles came from cnet.

Danja3638d ago

Aren't you guys getting bored of reading the same thing over and over ?

cuz I sure am..everyday it's :

Ps3 is doomed
Sony needs to cut PS3 price
PSP on life support
Sony cuts 50% staff
Blu Ray is shot shot in the head again....

ignore these retarded articles...N4G is getting pretty lame these days...

jadenkorri3638d ago

c-net...move on...same author...same article...few sentences changed and we have another anti ps3 is failing sore is your a$$ cnet, ms keeps on humping...just like the energiser battery...keeps going adn going and going..

Saigon3638d ago

the wii and the 360 have not been selling out the PS3 each month. We all know what the wii has done, but the PS3 beat the 360 most of this year until the 360 price drop. To me a price drop does not consist of a victory. Just wait until people realize the value of the 360 Arcade system, we will then see a big decline in sales.

Agent VX3638d ago

Yep, Sony totally blew this generation with a overpriced, under performing console called the PS3.

How on earth Sony thinks that people will pay double for a console that can't outperform its competitor, the 360 is beyond me.

Sony is the only console that lost sales over last year during the holidays. It seems all the $99 to $150 stand alone bluray players on the market now how total killed the interest in the PS3. That was one feature which really made the PS3 stand out, and now stand alone bluray players are dirt cheap, and thus the PS3 is just not a "must have" item, if it every was.

Sony is in real trouble, and being in last place and being outsold by both the 360 and Wii worldwide, rough times are ahead for them.

majorsuave3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Lol @ anti PS3 article that comes from Apple fan boys. Sony and Apple fans are usually united against the common MS enemy.


anh_duong3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

this is a comment i wrote in the post (suprise suprise also written by uber-sony/blu-ray hater don reisinger)

(read the comment written by anh_duong, i wrote this 2 months ago when don was saying sony should cut prices)

"don resinger, i think you encapsulate a lot of what is wrong about this generation in gaming.

fanboys are expected to be non-biased but as a journalist you should show thoughtfuless, integrity and balanced opinions.

your hatred for sony and blu-ray borders on two possible things: madness or brown-envelope pay-offs.

i don't hate microsoft since i own vista, xbox 1 xbox 360 and have countless other ms products. however, i believe ms messed up so many times (vista, rrod and xbox legacy support) but you never seem to criticise them but go all out war against sony. why? are you crazy or does microsoft own your soul? what has sony done to you for you to hate them so much?

if you are a real analyst then you will realise that the reasons why sony cannot cut the price of the ps3 are based on three things:

- sony realised it can't compete with microsoft in this credit crunch environment because it CAN'T afford to.

- euryen, usdyen and other yen crosses exchange rate movements in the past few months has blown sony careful budgeting out of window. sony is hugely dependent on the value of the yen. the strength of the yen has caused sony almost 2bio usd worth of profit hit,

- sony survival is at stake - just look at it's share price. hence the shareholder's comments. sony can't just keep throwing money at SCE because it has too many holes to plug in it's balance sheet. sony isn't just a games company. it's a bank, a credit card company etc etc.

your talk of sony needing to cut prices but really if you have one iota of knowledge about the differences between microsoft and sony then you will realise it can't do it just yet until it gets the manufacturing cost down further.

please learn more about how much money microsoft has and learn more about economics before drawing conclusions.

it is a shame that so many journalists like yourself manifest this generation. even equity analyst have nore integrity than yourself."

as you can see that don reisinger takes a while to figure things out.

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gears223638d ago

It even crushed Obama.

Adversary3638d ago

Now that's a news title that'll get you some hits.

OSIRUSSS3638d ago

Obama or PS3 = the first black president!!!!

ThatCanadianGuy3638d ago

Don Reisinger

Thats where i stopped reading.You want to know the difference between Don and someone like Power of green writing this?

One gets paid.
The other doesn't.

Hell,i'm not even sure if Don gets paid.He's just some joe blow with a hard on for anything anti-Sony.

Nathan Drake3638d ago

They've got nothing to write about during the most boring season of videogame news,let them write about 1 month of lower than expected Ps3 sales in NA being the end of the Ps3

myothercar3638d ago

"Although Sony zealots try to pretend that it offers more value and is the "Cadillac" of the video game industry..."

"Try to pretend?" Come on, Don. It IS the best value, and it IS the superior console.

Nathan Drake3638d ago

I feel we need to have more fun when these rinse and spit articles pop up.

For example,here is a picture of myself walking out of this thread:

JonahFalcon3638d ago

... up in arms when such "biased" publications like the Wall Street Journal and C|Net are talking about the PS3 slipping away.

"And although Sony zealots try to pretend that it offers more value and is the “Cadillac” of the video game industry, it’s abundantly clear that what consumers want — an affordable console — isn’t something they find in the PS3."

Sony zealots? Hey, they're talking about YOU!

Sony, in a recession, is still paying $450 per unit -- and you want them to sell it at $299?

Agent0193638d ago

Where do you get your figures from?
Some evidence would help.

ruibing3638d ago

I don't see why criticizing this article makes anyone a member of the "Sony Defense Force". Just because I find this article redundant doesn't give you the right to stereotype me as a fanboy.

Do you really think that well-known newspapers don't have bias? It's human nature to hold bias. And just how would you describe the Washington post when they wrote an article to counter the original one on CNN/Silicon Insider? Oh right, they must be part of the SDF, too. And you must be a hypocrite.