PlayStation 3's New Problem: Censorship

Sony's PlayStation 3 has hit hard times. The company has slashed production costs by 35 percent, yet the console still sells at a loss--and those sales dropped 19 percent last month from a year earlier. But these are not the only problems Sony is facing: Now comes a free speech issue surrounding banned words from the PlayStation's "Home." Sony has run into trouble with its efforts to quell what some may consider offensive language.

Sony has banned the use of the words "gay," "lesbian," "bi-sexual" and "Jew" -- among others -- as club names, and is filtering them from text chats. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that this has left certain groups unable to express their solidarity. For instance, a gay allegiance could not give themselves any moniker containing the word "gay," for it would be filtered out.

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Nathan Drake3637d ago

It's hard to take your publication seriously when you're calling 1 month of slightly lower sales "hard times".

morganfell3636d ago

There is another issue Microsoft fans are conveniently overlooking and pretending it does not exist.

You only have to deal with censorship problems such as these when you have an actual online community instead of a stationary avatar that just waves at you.

ThanatosDMC3636d ago

Yep, i always seem to agree with Morganfell.

Bathyj3636d ago

Its worth keeping in mind as well, yes PS3 is down for the same month last year, but this month last year was amazing for PS3. Is a 100M sprinter who runs a 9.5 a failure because he runs a 10 sec time after that? No.

And while down for the month they are apparently still double for the quarter. How bad can they be doing really?

Plus, still selling at a loss? I think not.

This place is going to the dogs, I'm really lossing interest in N4G. You might as well change the 4 to an A and just call the site NAG, because thats all it ever does anymore.

Bob Dole3636d ago

This is why everyone should get a headset. No censorship on that baby. Yet you can still mute/report people that are being offensive.

What problem??

ravinash3636d ago

Censorship is a problem that is faced by every online community, console or not.
Its a fine line between the users freedom of speech and trying to make it an enjoy environment for everyone.
I'm sure everyone who plays games online have experience kids throwing raciest comment at people and ruining the game for everyone else.
Preventing some names of profiles is not a big issue, as anyone can just think of a different name. plus the name will represent the person playing at the other end, so such names floating round will offend some people.
of course this will not stop people showing their true colours when they open their mouths, but there is only so much you can do to protect people from those who are determined to spread hate.

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Lou-Cipher3637d ago

"The company has slashed production costs by 35 percent, yet the console still sells at a loss"

If sony cut production cost by 35%, and they are selling it for $399.00, they would be making over $100.00 on every console sold.

Production cost before 35%: almost $450.00
Production cost after 35% : under $300.00

thebudgetgamer3637d ago

i guess if they used the cheapest parts they could find it would be easier


GiantEnemyLobster3636d ago

The queers in San Fransisco have yet another thing to whine about

doshey3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

the censorship comes in cuz we go problems with people that take it too far decide to be funny and say racist dumb statement and now they have to take action. as for words that are clean and get censored out, well real simple, spell the word right, and as for that gay club thing well gay can be used as an offensive term to someone

Sarick3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

The service isn't public domain. Users who join accept the terms they join with. The servers are payed for by Sony and/or owned by them. This means they can control what content they allow on them.

It has nothing to do with free speech.

Sarick3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

Hard to believe I got a disagree for stating the above. Come on, explain to me how a company owning an online service can't restrict your capabilities on their service. If you really want to backup your claims Mr phantom disagree person log on home start shouting raciest, religious, and hate propaganda.

When you get yourself kicked off PSN come back and tell everyone how you can't be censored because Sony is violating your free speech on their servers? Even better file a lawsuit after you get kicked and see how far that gets you.

Looking forward to hearing about genius or group that files a lawsuit because they've been censored on PSN home.

Sk8boyP3636d ago


TheColbertinator3636d ago

You have to deal with it.It happens every once in a while for Nintendo and Microsoft as well.So until then you gotta wait

BLUR1113636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

W E L C O M E to N4G kid.

BLUR1113636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

I think it's funny to see all the PSfanboy reactions cause they love the senseless 360 bashing.

PSfanboys are the worst they act like raging internet Nazi's

Stallone19933636d ago

OMG Run for the willows, for the apocalypse is here!

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