How to Download the Ninja Blade Demo Right Now (Worldwide)

Yesterday Major Nelson informed Xbox 360 owners that a demo of From Software's sword-thrashing, acrobatic action-game, Ninja Blade, had been released onto the Xbox Live Marketplace in Japan; find out how to download it right now. Use the instructions available by clicking the jump to to create a Japanese Xbox Live silver account and log into it, the Ninja Blade demo will be the first choice on the main XBLM screen.

Let us know if you enjoyed the demo or if you have any questions by posting in the comments section below!

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ukilnme3641d ago

Aww come on. Why does this stuff get posted when I'm at work? By the time I get home MS will have it locked down.

UltimaEnder3641d ago

It won't be locked down, it's officially region free so bookmark this page and DL it when you get off work. I played the demo for about a hour earlier today and while the game is really early it still shows a lot of promise and could be one of the better action games being released next year!

ukilnme3641d ago

Cool, that works for me. I hope the game turns out good. I need another Ninja fix. Hopefully there will be a NG3 sometime in the future.

Fishy Fingers3641d ago

Flat mate is playing it now thanks to this guide (bit of a noob) and he seems to be enjoying it. Not really my thing but I do like how cinematic everything is, even if it feels like a Dante/Ryu mix mash.

UltimaEnder3641d ago

Ya, the timed button scenes are really fun but the normal combat needs a bit of work before it's released; still nice to see something exclusive coming together for 2009 on the Xbox 360!

hoplo3641d ago

nice, i'm looking forward to this. thanks px360!

N4PS3G3641d ago

woots! Give it a try guys! I'm playing it again right now and i like it a lot! .The demo is short as be sure to play it more than 1 time so you can see how the combos work for every weapon, doing QTE during fights and try each weapon special attacks.

Enjoyed the hell out of the demo! Reminds me a lot of Otogi and Shinobi ..the gameplay is fast! and fun!

I was really unsure about this game..and after playing it everything changed.

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The story is too old to be commented.