Dead Space - New secrets revealed

In Dead Space you will find many Unitology signs. After completing the last chapter you will find the code to start your quest to reveal the hidden message.

The first sign is the phrase, "Do you believe? Your light shows the way. We have left you a gift.

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HDgamer3518d ago

I hope this is a secret that adds a whole new chapter after the game. This is what more developers should do.

rhood0223518d ago

I would definitely get on board with that idea. It would add a new dimension on replay-ability and reward players who've taken their time to explore the game.

But as long as people pay for the "privilege" of unlocking things that are already on the disk, I don't see this ever working.

MegaMohsi3518d ago

I'm surprised, the games been out for a while.

ChampIDC3518d ago

Quite interesting. School kept me from finishing the game, so I'm yet to see anything of the like. Gotta get back to that...

Xpandemic3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

the secret has already been cracked by games radar your reward is just 5 nodes

ChampIDC3518d ago

Well that's rather disappointing.

HDgamer3517d ago

Oh cheat codes, been there 3 days after playing it.