Tomb Raider Underworld - Free Wetsuits download

Eidos has today released the second free costume pack for Tomb Raider Underworld. This time you can download two items of clothing for our intrepid adventurer. The download weighs in at 61.79 MB.

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candystop3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

And this is just one of the reasons 360 is better for multiplats. MS is about quality gaming experiences, but ask a Sony fanboy and they will tell you it's a quality game because it's a PS3 exclusive lol.

Edit: You have every right to be bitter if that's the truth but we are not talking about hardware are we? I'm talking about exclusive DLC which makes the 360 game experience much more complete then anywhere else.

Descendant3640d ago

Your telling me the Xbox 360 is better because you can download a free swimsuit? Yeah... uh and I am not going to even to say a lot to the whole "MS is about quality gaming experiences" comment. All I have to say they may allegedly be all about quality gaming experiences, but apparently they missed the hardware part. Going on my 5TH 360 and counting; I'm allowed to be bitter.

Apocwhen3640d ago

I was wondering why you had 2 bubbles....Then I read your post.

candystop3640d ago

Yeah and if i had 10 you would be wondering why I had so many. What are you adding to the conversation anyway other than being offended?

Edit below shuya: Don't start with the any true fan crap seriously. This content is free and if you think that DLC is a rip off then simply don't buy it. If they decide to add more content then it's good for me and others that want it. These companies are trying to make money just like you and I so please quit hating because you want everything for free.

El_Colombiano3640d ago

Microsoft? Xbox 360? Quality? For a minute there, I almost took you serious! You got me!

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Shuya3640d ago

Any true tomb raider fan knows that this dlc is content that came on the disk in every other version of the game (lara's mansion and unlockable costumes are a series tradition which are missing from the latest in the series).

They have done us all a disservice by selling us an incomplete game (regardless of which version you pick up) just so they can make some extra money on an exclusivity deal.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

So a "true" Tomb Raider fan doesn't like extra Tomb Raider stuff, or is it the PS3 fanboy that doesn't get this that is talking?

Who were you before you started this new account, which 1 bubble PS3 fan were you before this?

Shuya3640d ago

Perhaps you didn't understand, I'm implying these "extra" items and the upcoming lara's mansion level dlc are stripped out pieces of an incomplete game.

Any other game in the series includes these upon purchase so why not underworld? I got my copy on the 360 so I could download the last 1/4 they held back for this exclusivity deal.

The point is that if they shipped the game complete we who are actually fans of series (the people who couldn't care less about this console war rubbish) could be playing it now instead of paying extra for it later.

Leio3640d ago

I want invisible suit :(

iceatcs3640d ago

I want breast enlargement DLC too, maybe booty patch.

Silvia0073640d ago

at least some camel toe action.

ShadesMoolah3640d ago

It might be an optical illusion but the original Lara outfit (green/blue tanktop)seems to accentuate her bust more than the others.