The Complete History of Gaming's Big 5 Console Makers

"So we thought we would go deeper. Much, much deeper! We thought we would present to you at the turn of a new year a thorough history of the big five console makers. A super detailed analysis of all the massive highs and crushing lows of the five companies ((Atari, Nintendo, SEGA, Sony and Microsoft) which have played the biggest roles in bringing consoles, handheld and the world of PC to the dizzying heights that they are at today. Below you will find links to each. Expect to be surprised, expect be schooled, expect to walk away knowing the grand picture of our wonderful industry as gameplayer presents Video Gaming 101. " - from gameplayer

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SlappingOysters3638d ago

Well I learnt a hell of a lot from this. Especially about Nintendo. I hate the Wii, but damnit if I can't help but love Nintendo!

Heldrasil3637d ago

oh how the world soon forgets about NEC...I loved my TurboGrafx 16

Si-Pie3637d ago

Noticed a mistake in the Atari section when listing the Atari ST specs released in 1985. It states it used a 720K Floppy drive but infact did not have an internal floppy drive but used a External 3.5'' 360 KB disk-drive.

Sorry just me nitpicking haha.

Heldrasil3637d ago

hey, put them in place when you can!!! keeps em straight LOL

Voiceofreason3637d ago

That wasnt the only mistake. The article says they made PONG. That is not the case though. They saw the game being demoed but it did not keep score. They bought it and added the score counter and called it Pong. History channel did a nice show on the history of early gaming that covered it.

Si-Pie3637d ago

Not sure why you got a disagree for stating a fact? Anyway I think I have that show from the history channel as I downloaded it off the net called Rise Of The Videogame. Was quite interesting!

Shnazzyone3637d ago

Possibly the best and most comprehensive article ever posted here. I will cherish it forever.