Xbox World Preview: Aliens - Colonial Marines

The Aliens vs Predator games were some of the scariest, most thrilling FPS's on PC, but since then - bar an excellent Alien Resurrection title from Argonaut on PS1 - things have been surprisingly quiet for Giger's multiple-mouthed horror. Shame, really, because with (at least, depending on how much you love Alien 3) two exceptional films to draw on, background-filling-in spin-off books and comics and one of the darkest, most iconic worlds going, the acid-blood ET is perfect fodder for videogames.

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Rockox3637d ago

Boy oh boy, am I hoping this game ends up being good. I'm a huge Alien fan, so this would be right up my alley.

Maybe we'd also be able to get some Giger-esque premium themes for the NXE...

Saint Sony3637d ago

If they manage to get even close to the mood what Alien/Aliens offer.. then it's a must have.

poeo3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

just make your own Alien/Giger themes. why pay for "premium" themes?!

Rockox3637d ago

Getting Syd Mead and acquiring the rights to use sounds from the movies (pulse rifles, motion tracker, etc.) is definately a step in the right direction in trying to replicate the mood of the movies.

Dareaver13636d ago

is if they took some pointers from the creators of Dead Space.... I bought the game, and was thoroughly surprised and happy at my purchase. I think it was a great game and had a great sense of mood, environment, and suspense. I moved so slowly through the game, it wasn't even funny. I was trying to anticipate where an enemy was gonna jump out at, and which type. Definitely a great game.

If they can adapt some of that games mood and sense of suspense, then it should succeed, but games like these aren't ever really a big major hit. I know plenty of people who don't play horror/suspense games, but i love'em and can't wait for this one....

I actually have been waiting a minute, i remember this coming out in my OXM magazine a while ago.... Glad to see it's still on it's way....

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ChampIDC3637d ago

Gearbox is generally pretty solid, and it's a great concept, so I have high hopes for this one.

DragonWarrior465343637d ago

Ive seen gameplay footage of the game in the Jace Hall show at It looks phenomenal back then. Im pretty sure they are gonna do it right, considering the way they value the movie at their studios. I seen nothing of BIA. All I seen was Aliens stuff. They even have a real pulse rifle. Freakin Epic.

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The story is too old to be commented.