Wii Fit Moves Out Of Electronics, Into Women's Clothing Department

Attention, Wal-Mart shoppers: the mega retailer is currently doing massive reductions on women's self-esteem, moving the Wii Fit advertising kiosks from the electronics department to women's clothing. A diabolical tactic!

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Eiffel3640d ago

Whats next Gyms?


fredrikpedersen3640d ago

Serves it right, doesn't deserve to be in the videogaming section.

Conan9973640d ago


Not a video game

fossilfern3640d ago

at least i have an excuse if i get caught looking at a woman's arse :)

Sharpshell3640d ago

this will move more copies of wii fit to exactly the wrong people incuraging Nintendo to make more wii fit style games rather than... good ones. is there no end?

truehunter3640d ago

the Wii fit move into jail housing, so they can b busy getting into fit.

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