Lady actually inserts credit card into Wii slot, breaks Wii

Usually, there's nothing funny about a woman abusing her slot, but this one is just too good to pass up. A NeoGAF eyewitness has recounted the tale of how his neighbor -- a poor, unassuming, completely out-of-touch woman, tried to make a purchase on her Wii -- by jamming three credit cards into the disc slot!

After having to ask what a Virtual Console was, the would-be big spender had been informed that she could purchase games for the Wii by taking it online and then "putting in her credit card" when prompted. She took it literally. When the first card failed to do anything, she believed she had to keep putting them in until there was enough to make it work. Somehow she has survived to adulthood without getting killed.

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Rob0g0rilla3641d ago

"A NeoGAF eyewitness has recounted the tale of how his neighbor -- a poor, unassuming, completely out-of-touch woman, tried to make a purchase on her Wii -- by jamming three credit cards into the disc slot!"


Covenant3640d ago

I smell a Darwin Award in her future...

Snake Raiser3640d ago

"A NeoGAF eyewitness "
EYEWITNESS? He stood there while the lady broke her wii!?!?! Even by BIG BOSS'S standards that is just cold, man.

jadenkorri3640d ago

if my girlfriend did that, i wouldn't just let her do it, i would record it myself....i may not get laid for the month, but the posting on youtube would be epic...

ind13640d ago

We all know it is rather stupid, but we've all learnt how to do this at one stage.

When the guy said "You can put in your credit card", a person may just assume that it would be possible to do that considering the technology these days.

I mean, I wouldn't do it because I know how it works. But the Wii slot is pretty credit-card inviting in a way. I mean, it'd fit right in.

So I don't think her assuming the credit card going in the Wii is really "that" stupid, but when she put in more then one.. I think that is going a bit over the scale.

Panthers3640d ago

If Al Gore can get a Nobel prize for a stupid movie, anyone can get one for anything. I would not be surprised.

TapiocaMilkTea3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Maybe not so funny in the future when we can actually do that. We'll be more amazed about why the Wii is not capable of accepting credit cards in its disc slot.

CobraKai3640d ago

So this is Nintendo's new demographic? Good move now she'll have to buy a new one and that put's more money in Nintendo's pocket.

BRG90003640d ago

It's true that misunderstanding "put in your credit card" can be forgiven, but what really got me was that she continued to cram in more cards "until there was enough to make it work". That's not just misunderstanding video game technology, that's misunderstanding credit cards and probably misunderstanding life altogether.

phosphor1123640d ago

the Wii is doing so well..because the buyers are know..

(dont even say, "no, i dont know" lol)

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Forbidden_Darkness3641d ago

Ok, its not even a blonde who did this, because a blonde atleast knows how to shop.

Rice3640d ago

thats so true... cheer bubbles, which i use to have.:(

Megatron083640d ago

My room mate in college work as a pc tech for the school. He told me he walked in to one of the computer labs once and a girl had a drink with her. He infos her that shes not suppose to have drinks around the computers her reply to him was "then why does it have a cup holder"

AuToFiRE3639d ago

whats sad is ive actually encountered that myself and thus the reason why i have no hope for humanity

ChickeyCantor3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Come on this has to be a joke...xD

[Well doesn't it show? i mean they don't buy software?! Meh i still call it a joke xD this can't be real]

Snake Raiser3640d ago

I guess she didn't know what was supposed to go in there because she didn't have any. soft ware.

rhood0223640d ago

Welcome to the changing face of gaming...

Thanks Nintendo.

silvacrest3640d ago

Yeah...lets blame nintendo for this

they seem to do no wrong this gen except pump out crappy mini games :)

Product3640d ago

the story seems alittle made up to me......3 credit cards?no way.If it is true then the woman has an IQ in the negatives.

UltimateIdiot9113640d ago

You'll be surprise at how many ignorant and stupid people are out there. I always get a good laugh and/or a facepalm.

Itrguy0013640d ago

i so fcking agree. this is like McCains Mom huh?