Just a Wii Bit More Time

As anyone in the games industry can confirm, most family members and close friends came around these past few weeks asking the same question: "Can you help me get a Wii?" As the Wii closes its third holiday season, I would venture to guess that sales records again will be broken when last week's holiday results are reported. Look at November alone: Nintendo sold over two million units including 800,000 during the Thanksgiving weekend despite the down economy. It appears that the Wii is and will be the console king. However, software sales hint at a slightly different story.

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PotNoodle3634d ago

I didn't know that.....

SpartanGR3634d ago so stupid. We deserve the wii <<sarcasm>>

hfaze3634d ago

"What if Nintendo can replicate the online success of Microsoft and Sony?"

A couple of problems with that...

1. Nintendo somehow decided that this "friend code" BS you see on the DS and Wii was the way to go. Now if they change to a more unified system, they will break their older online games (like Mario Cart, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Mario Strikers, etc.)

2. It's freaking Nintendo... The GameCube had an ethernet adapter available for it, it just NEVER got used (other than LAN play for Mario Cart Double Dash).

Sadly enough, the Wii's crippled online doesn't seem to bother Wii owners. I guess your average casual gamer has no interest in playing online.

Voiceofreason3634d ago

Madden, Tiger Woods, and most of EA's games on Wii do not use friends codes wanted to say you're wrong.. Also I fail to see how not offering movies or chat is failing to offer online at all like you claim.. When I want to play my games online for Wii it is really easy to do and works every time. Sadly enough you're just another uinformed troll trying to trash a console based on your own ignorance of it. When I get home and pop in GHWT, I will think of your post and laugh as it signs me in online and allows me to play with others from around the world..

Shnazzyone3634d ago

This article is more or less opinion but makes valid points. I'm a bit bothered by the ambiguity of the conclusions it draws from relatively few facts. It failed to mention mario kart... the game for wii with the most extensive online base has been a top seller since it's release. Hopefully this sends a message to nintendo that it's users want the comprehensive online experience and they need to expand on that.

Voiceofreason3634d ago

Guys is basing his whole argument based solely on top 10 sales. Cant wait for Sony fanboys to start quoting the article even though it has no merit.

jacen1003634d ago

nice point there also very true

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