Sony's PS3 Real 10 Year Plan: Home Entertainment Takeover

Derrick Schommer's latest editorial ponders what Sony truly intends with the PlayStation 3: "The PlayStation 3 is the slow seller in the United States but Sony still holds belief in their "10 year plan." Many of us consider this to be the same style of plan Sony used with the PS2, sell your console through multiple generations and own the market share. The PS2's launch was much more graceful when compared to its 7th generation counterpart. Perhaps the PS3 has a different destiny… perhaps they want to remove all other media boxes from your living room."

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MURKERR3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

ps3s game library is well nourished and flourishing as we speak the 'ps3 has no games' debate is well and truly dead and anyone who trys to use that age old argument NOW especially a journaist should be embarrassed

RPG Guy3640d ago

BUT, while I also agree that the small game library arguement should be dead, the COMPARISON to 360 and Wii should not be and we should consider that comparison to negatively affect PS3 in general.

Danja3640d ago

well other than the 360 was out 1st so it benefited by having more games..but the PS3 games library is far from small these days I can barely fine time to play all the games I have bought all year..

MURKERR3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

thats kind of retarded of course 360 has more games its been out longer, but the age old argument of ps3 has no games is null and void..

RPG Guy3640d ago

I see I'm getting plenty of disagrees. What I'm really trying to do there is just try and reason where the countless number of media sources insulting the PS3's library are coming from.

Yes, there are PS3 games to be had. PLENTY. And there are some AAA exclusives. In fact, the Metacritic overall for PS3 has been better than 360 for exclusives this year...but what the media sees is quantity over quality. Granted, 360 had little in the way of first party exclusives, but they did gets exclusive third party titles throughout the year (good or not) and demos/DLC that improve the library. THAT'S where these media guys are coming from.

I can reason with their statements for that. When you consider it by individual units, sure, there is more on Wii and 360...shelf space at stores isn't PS3 dominated. BUT, there are enough games there. I won't argue that.

Not trying to be a fanboy at all with the first comment, just reasoning their reasoning...if that makes sense.

Sarcasm3640d ago

You can try to reason they're reasoning. But nothing can reason the idiots at TIME magazine for saying there are only 200,000 PS3 owners in the U.S.

MURKERR3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

no id be a fanboy if i dissed 360 which i dont, i talk about my gaming platform of choice so dont worry what people think if they wana be smallminded ohwell :)

uie4rhig3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

actually, it's PS3 hating media and 360 fanboys that sees quantity over quality.. not media..

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Xheratuul3640d ago

...8 more years of entertainment...

goflyakite3640d ago

Hm, not sure if I can agree with that.

COPYPASTE3640d ago

...8 more years of entertainment...

goflyakite3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

I totally agree.

DNAgent3640d ago

I thought it should be said seeing as how there are tons of stupid xbot lemmings around articles like this these days.

heroicjanitor3640d ago

It certainly has the ability. No other media centre does as much as the ps3. But for some reason people confuse value for money with cheap, which is pretty sad.

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