Star Wars Battlefront 3 Media Leaks Out, Confirms Free Radical's Past Involvement

by Chris Faylor:

"It's a fairly safe bet to say that Haze and TimeSplitters developer Free Radical was definitely working on Star Wars: Battlefront III before firing most of its staff, as ex-artist Richard Smith has posted a few models from the project as examples of his work".

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Carbide73633d ago

Wow, TS4 and this too... Free Radical needs to stay in business.

Proxy3633d ago

Did it suck because of Free Radical? Or did it suck because of Activision (?), calling the shots?

El_Colombiano3633d ago

Activision =/= Ubisoft my friend.

And no, it was just the game. So weird that they went from TS to Haze.

LeonSKennedy4Life3633d ago

Honestly, I have no idea what went wrong.

At about 3 weeks before the actual launch of Haze, everybody that was playing it said it WAS the Halo killer. I don't understand what happened, man.

Snake Raiser3633d ago

I (BIG BOSS) loved swbf 1&2. My favorite map was the dune sea in Star Wars Battlefront 1.

Phoenix173633d ago

why did free radical shut down again?
& this suxs man i was hoping for the next franchise from the Battlefront series loved I & II but hopefully rebellion does end up finishing this game & hopefully make it better than the last few since they did an amazing job for the psp version on battlefront 2 & renegade squadron. hope to see this finished by next year *fingers crossed*

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