Why Grand Theft Auto IV Is Better Than Saints Row 2 Although Grand Theft Auto IV failed to "wow" many long time fans of the series, some may think that the rival sandbox title Saints Row 2 instantly took the crown as the best criminal open world experience. Even leading up to Saints Row 2's release I was preaching how they just might out do Grand Theft Auto and take the crown. However now that I got the chance to play Saints Row 2, I feel that anyone who thinks that Saints Row 2 did a better job than Grand Theft Auto 4 is just saying it because it's a cliche thing to say. Grand Theft Auto IV to me remains the king of the open world sandbox genre and I will explain why I feel Saints Row 2 is no where near it's level.

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chaosatom3634d ago

gtaiv is pretty darn good to run around in. But the mission sucked, and guns too, also the money too and clothing too.

Some trophies were fun to get, but I still didn't feel like playing missions or watching cut scenes.


Saint row 2,GTA 3 is all better than GTA4... Enough said...

ChampIDC3633d ago

From a pure technical standpoint, GTA4 wins, but SR2 is just plain more fun to mess around in.

Danja3633d ago

GTA4 is a technically better game..but SR:2 is just more fun...etc.

but GTA:SA...beat both these games..

ape0073633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

saints row 2 is much more fun than gta 4

but if you look deeply at gta 4,you'r going to see tons of wasted potential,from the awesome city,to the amazing character,gta 4 truly feels a next gen game but gameplay in gta 4 was heavy,realistic,unresponsive,u ncomplete etc..

saints row 2 is like a younger brother to san andreas, so much fun,lots of things to do,great voice acting,awesome soundtracks,amazing missions,very good shooting mechanics,I recommend every ps3/360 owner to buy sr2,ignor sites,play it me,you'll not be disappointed.period

if gta 4 has awesome gameplay and more things to do,it will destroy saints row 2

thereapersson3633d ago

Why the previous GTA's are better than GTA IV...

r1sh123633d ago

Fair enough the story isnt all that amazing, but its still good.
the multiplayer is soo sick which is why gta iv is still in the top 5 games played online on the xbox
SR2 didnt even make the top 20, no one plays that which says something..
most people who get 'bored' of gta only play 1 multiplayer gametype.
variety in a game makes a difference and GTA has that
SR2 and the SR series are always second to GTA..
end of story
sales figures show that

JohnnyMann4203633d ago

The game was hyped up and people were starving for a good sandbox game. Also all of the gamers, like myself, were waiting for what came next in the series (after SA)

Keep in mind all of the mainstream attention it got...even fricken Time did a story on it.

Also, user hype, media was the perfect storm for awesome sales. GTA IV is a must buy, must play experience.

I think the next game in the series will sell well also, but am I am also guessing (via forums and general chatter) that some gamers will just wait for the reviews etc.

I am banking on more things to do in the next GTA. I am sure Rockstar knows that alot of fans felt the game had nothing to offer end game...and it really didn't....I think Rockstar will make right where GTA IV was wrong.

GTA IV did not live up to alot of gamer's fantasies plain and simple....regardless of sales.

farhsa20083633d ago

I could not disagree more, i have been saying the exact opposite for weeks now, the first one hour of siants row is more fun than the entire campaign of gta 4.

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