Five Reasons Microsoft Wants A Pay As You Go Model

With its traditional packaged software licensing model under pressure, Microsoft is eyeing a "Metered Pay-As-You-Go Computing Experience."

The software giant last week received approval for a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office detailing technology to meter software use and access to specific computer hardware.

According to the patent, fees would be charged against a prepaid or billed account for software and services that may include word processing, email, browsing and database access.

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Lord Anubis3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

i bet they will use that model for their windows azure platform they are not about to give cloud services for free like google.

GiantEnemyCrab3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

It's a patent that is all. Do people realize how many patents are filed and never used? How do we know that this isn't for a library or at an Internet Cafe where they can have metered usage?

People are assuming and jumping to crazy conclusions from this one patent. Of course there is no shortage of haters and bashers to run with it.

JD_Shadow3640d ago

You're the second person to comment and you're saying that as if you're predicting the future.

At least let the comments come up before you assume and blast people for saying something they never got the chance to SAY yet (and that you somehow already know they're thinking and wanting to say).

Pixel_Addict3640d ago

there are very valid points that people have been saying for a while. But I guess the article doesn't fit into your version of reality.

lokiroo4203640d ago

Gotgiantenemycrabs do you have to reinvent lame everyday?


Well before fanboys start saying MS are money grabbers, they obviously know what they are doing or else they wouldn't be doing it.

BenCrazy4243640d ago

I'll have to disagree but Buckethead's awesome!!!!

Proxy3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

LOL, what does that even mean?

Scene: Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Crazy Stunt guy in the back.

Co-Pilot: "Are you really going to let this guy jump out of the plane with only a bed sheet to use as a parashoot?"

Pilot: "Take it easy! He knows what he's doing, or else he wouldn't be doing it."

Co-Pilot: "True..."

OGharryjoysticks3640d ago

Excuse my ignorance. I'm an old Gamecube owner :)


Yes they probably did, but in my opinion, DLC is fantastic and adds replayability to games. If you don't like DLC, don't buy it.

The funny thing is, i'm a sony fanboy, but N4G is just becoming a joke. I'm going to buy a 360 next year because this fanboy crap is just out of control.

DiabloRising3640d ago

I think the CONCEPT of DLC is great. The practice, however, leaves much to be desired, especially in pricing.

Lord Anubis3640d ago

Paid downloadable content other wise PC users have had mods for quite sometimes and official expansions for quite a wHile.

Gamekilla3640d ago

it adds to a game

NOT when it takes away from the game so that crucial feature can be offered as DLC for a little extra cash....

Pixel_Addict3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

No Microsoft did not start DLC on the 360. DLC has been around for ages on the PC. DLC made its debut on the PC and gained much attention when PC FPS games used it for adding levels and user generated content many times for FREE. Microsoft simply moved that model to the 360 and charged for it.

Basicly Microsoft is the bottled-water company in the PC world. They take something that was virtually free and packaged it, marketed it, and then sold it. Just like bottled watter, the free stuff is usually the same or better than what you paid for... a plastic shell.

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Pixel_Addict3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

...sums up their business model pretty well. On the PC front they are losing to pirating and new found competition. Solution? Get consumers to move all of their content onto one machine they can lock down and control. Want to trade/sell that movie or game with a friend? Not if they get their way. Nice way to track, monitor, and control users. They will make the rules and set the prices without competition... isn't that what really capitolism is about? They want to take out the choice for consumers... But hey, the best slave is the most willing slave.

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