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From -- "Of course most of us in the UK are used to having to pay more than other countries for essentially the same product, but in this case the cost differential is staggering. Being expected to pay over 40 per cent more for a PS3 in the UK than Japanese consumers do is nothing short of an insult. Even if you tell yourself that you're getting Blu-ray functionality for half the price of a standalone player, you're still going to be left with a bad taste in your mouth when handing over your hard earned cash. The worst part about this situation is that now I actually have a PlayStation 3 and have spent a decent amount of time with it, I've realised that it truly is an impressive bit of kit, and like Sony said, it really can do a lot more than just play games..."

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techie4320d ago

I wondered for a comparison. How much is an average chcolate bar in the states? How much is an 80gb Ipod?

Raist4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

That is video games related.

Xbox 360 (Premium)
(November 2005)
US: 399$
(November 2005)
Dollar per Pound at the time = 1.71
UK: 279£ (477$ = + 19%) And that's a +37% increase if you consider the change rate betwenn pounds and dollars now.
Dollar per Euro at the time = 1.32
EU: 399€ (526$ = +31%)
(December 2005)
Dollar per Yen at the time = 0.008
Japan: 39,795¥ (318$ = -20%)

PlayStation 3 (60GB)
(November 2006)
US: 599$
(March 2007)
Assuming Dollar per Pound stays as today = 1.96
UK: 425£ (833$ = +39%)
Assuming Dollar per Euro stays as today = 1.29
EU: 599€ (772$ = +28%)
(December 2006)
Dollar per Yen at the time = 0.008
Japan: 59,980¥ (479$ = -20%)

(November 2006)
US: 249$
(December 2006)
Dollar per Pound at the time = 1.95
UK: 179£ (349$ = +40%)
Dollar per Euro at the time = 1.31
EU: 249€ (326$ = +30%)
(December 2006)
Dollars per Yen at the time = 0.008
Japan: 25,000¥ (200$ = -19%)

techie4320d ago

Fair do's haha. But I was interested about chocolate bars, cause they are around the equivalent of a dollar over here. And the 80gb video Ipod is the equivalent of $450...

Raist4320d ago

I think it's around 325$ in the US.

Have no idea for a chocolate bar tho, sorry :(

Siesser4320d ago

A candy bar will cost you a dollar or less (usually around 50 cents), and an 80gig iPod goes for $349.99 retail

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holynerds4320d ago

I get a FastBreak from time to time and it runs me $1.50

Watapata4320d ago

you get ripped off...they are $0.47 at the Student Union at my University...and everything is marked up there over what you'd pay elsewhere...

THAMMER14320d ago

.69 for the normal .99 for king