Sony's Home juggles free speech, hate speech

Sony's Home has had a rocky start. Server issues, lack of compelling content, and a somewhat hostile environment have all added up to make the online service more of a PR problem than Sony likely expected. The latest issue? Sony has banned words such as "gay," "bi-sexual," and "Jew" from the service. If you've played a game online... well, ever... you know why such words would go on the black list. But supporters of gay rights, or gamers who practice the Jewish faith, have taken issue with these words becoming negative labels.

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morganfell3639d ago

"Next on the News at 11, smoking is now the leading cause of statistics...."

HighDefinition3639d ago

Kinda like ONLINE gaming, wierd.


Sarick3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Last night I logged on Home and was greeted with a new terms and hit accept for an NDA.

It was something like "By logging on this bata you agree to not talk about Home except to closest friends or family."

Anyone else accept these terms? I assume the way home filters content falls under this agreement?