Scientists: Cell Phones cause Kidney Failures

Mobile phones were at the centre of a new health scare last night after claims they can seriously damage the heart and kidneys.

Earlier reports have already linked their use to brain tumours, headaches and premature ageing. Now scientists sat exposure to the phones' low-level radiation causes red blood cells to leak haemoglobin. The build-up of haemoglobin, which carries oxygen around the body, can lead to heart disease and kidney stones

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GrieverSoul3636d ago

Okay! So why did people had and died from these health problems 15 years ago when there were no cell phones?

End of Sarcasm.

Even though its a general awareness article, where does it fit in the N4G?


Lord Anubis3636d ago

it fits under mobile news. Cellphones are mobile.

The Killer3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

but i do believe these acclaims because if u just look at the world in general, the diseases only increased and more sick people and more people in hospitals than 100 years ago!! am not just saying the mobile phone is responsible for this but also microwaves, Mcdonalds(junk food), being next to the PC for long time, watching TV for long time, sweets and salts etc all these increase our diseases! so all add up and make a healthy person to a sick person!!

and i do believe cell phones is bad for people, it destroys 30% of the mans sperm and damages many of the rest of the 60%(this was a research done in Hungary at Deprecen university).

Dogswithguns3636d ago

Thees kind of articles causing me a heart problem.

Silvia0073636d ago

everything is causing some sort of disease. So what, we don't live forever, I'm enjoying what I got right here and now. I'll eat whatever the heck I want, I'll use whatever the heck I want to use. I don't do drugs though. That's just dumb.

venomcarnage893636d ago

that was about the increase in autism(at least i think it was autism.) stating that many years back autism was like a 1 in 10,000 chance, and in the late 1990's early 2000's it was increased to about 1 in 200! they suspected the increased usage of wireless devices to be the culprit. they speculate it could be down to about 1 in 100 by now since wireless devices are only becoming more and more common.

@ Silvia- its cool do things the way you want, but for me its not hard to at least eat right and workout alot. i see the people that live like you(i dont know what you do actually eat or anything) but the people that eat McDonalds all day and take no vitamins, they are older than hell at the age of 40, probably look 65, and will most likely die between 50 and 60. if someone wants to live like that go for it, but what a waste when you can easily be healthy and barely age until your 60. hell my fathers 65 and aside from a huge injury to his leg( slowing him down a bit) he would seem like someone in his 30's. i also know this woman in my town, you would think she is in her late 40's from the looks of it, and she seems even younger than that because shes way more active than a 40 year old, and shes 84! i choose to live like that, take care of myself and have a strong healthy body for almost twice as long.