A Few Words About......ExciteTruck

Let the engines roar, the nitro spray and the trucks fly. recently spent sometime with ExciteTruck.

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XisZ4298d ago

This sounds great!

I was waiting for something better than what we have right now.
In my personal opinion our...*ahem* other, racing game is quite lacking in quality.

Of course then again it was a first generation game for the console.

TimAshdown4297d ago

If you're referring to that Sega GT game I've heard it's trash. Although ExciteTruck was available at launch in NA.

Marty83704297d ago

I'd take Motorstorm with its cool online play any day.

TimAshdown4297d ago

You say this because you have played MotorStorm?

ChickeyCantor4297d ago

he says this cozz his pictures tells him to! XD