UK Software Sales Charts PS3 Week Ending December 27th

The same three titles at the top of the PS3 charts this week but LittleBigPlanet gives up its throne to Call of Duty: World at War which sits back on top.

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Qorious3637d ago

LittleBigPlanet is number 2 for PS3 sales, but it was ranked at number 10 for overall in the UK. Still impressive though nevertheless...

wicked3637d ago

It has been selling at about £16 all over christmas. So I am not surprised at it's position.

gaffyh3637d ago

Keep fighting LBP you deserve it.

MGOelite3637d ago

omg how is nfs outselling resistance 2 ffs.

Faztkiller3637d ago

NFS is ok racing game and they love racing games
Agree R2 should be selling better its great game

The Great Melon3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Consider how many games are in both series.

Need for Speed: 16
Resistance: 2

Need for Speed sales more based on brand recognition.