Select/Start Games: Prince of Persia Review

Select/Start Games has reviewed the Prince of Persia.

Here's an excerpt:

"One of the other major changes to the series is the removal of the Sands of Time as a gameplay mechanic. Those that have played the original trilogy know that the Sands gave the Prince the ability to rewind, fast-forward, and manipulate time to save his skin. This mechanic was expertly woven into the narrative of the story, and the latest gameplay mechanic, the mysterious and magical Elika, is treated the same way.

Elika isn't just your companion, but she is your lifeline, your savior, and your guide throughout your journey. The Prince would be unable to do what must be done without her, and vice versa. In a since, Elika is like a useful Yorda from the game Ico. She is your constant companion, and is never not by your side. She aids in battle, using her magic to dispel the enemies shields and barriers, and she learns new abilities as the game progresses, which opens up more of the world for exploration."

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