Five Game Franchises To Put To Rest

We're not entirely convinced you can get too much of a good thing -- a lifetime supply of Ben & Jerry's sounds pretty infallible -- but you can definitely get too much of a bad thing.

Take, for instance, the following video game franchises. At one point or another, these were industry-leading properties with bright futures and enormous potential. Then, it all went wrong.

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Mikhal55693641d ago

This article was a little funnier then what I thought it would be. The Crash franchise is in real danger of becoming extinct, even though Mind Over Mutants wasn't half bad. Sega is never going to stop pushing Sonic down our throats, so he's not going anywhere. (crosses fingers for Sonic and The Black Knight, because it actually looks pretty interesting.) I'm actually a little surprised that Spyro didn't make the list.

CommonSense3641d ago

i goto school at PSU and our ice cream blows ben and jerry's away. in fact, they were students here and that's where they learned to make it. and they weren't really considered to be very good students. also, we had a ben and jerry's shop in town and it went out of business cuz everyone here knows their ice cream is the retarded cousin of the Creamery.

Cajun Chicken3641d ago

For the love of God; put Crash Bandicoot back into the delicate hands of Travellers Tales.
(Yes, I know that Naughty Dog made the first 4 games, but TT did a good respectable job with Wrath of Cortex and Twinsanity, I'd feel he'd be safe with them again.)

As for Sonic; 2D or DIE.

xlx-russ_923641d ago

why in hell did Naughty Dog sold Crash IP?

Jamaicangmr3641d ago

Can't sell what you never owned. Universal owned the IP.

Le-mo3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

It'd be cool if Naughty Dog could develope one last Crash Bandicoot game exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and split the profit with the current owner of the IP. It would be a win-win situation for both parties.

beavis4play3641d ago

agreed. i'd like to see insomniac do one last spyro game as well.

Beg For Mercy3641d ago

halo please let this turd rest in the toilet

Zerodin3641d ago

Sorry jiggaboo, ain't gonna happen!

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The story is too old to be commented.