Best Buy holds new PS3 game sale starting at $19.99

Best Buy Co. Inc. stores this week began holding a new game sale for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 with titles starting at $19.99.

This week, the retailer discounted several PS3 titles, including NBA 09: The Inside at $19.99, Bioshock at $39.99, Shaun White Snowboarding at $49.99, and Naruto Ultimate Ninja: Storm at $49.99.

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Spike473635d ago

The only title there worth geting is Bioshock, but honestly, discount Resistance 2 or LBP and I would sprint to my closest Bestbuy now.

ThaGeNeCySt3635d ago

shame on you! You should have at least 1 of those 2 games lol

Doppy3635d ago

Actually the Naruto game is really good too (once you get all the characters).

Overall pretty poor list of games, and sale prices as usual.

BleuStreeks3634d ago

Yea bro those games should be your arsenal of must get them, pay the full price you will not regret it.

LevDog3635d ago

I might just have to pick up BioShock now.. I was going to borrow it from my buddy.. But 20 bucks off its pretty good.. Nice

LevDog3635d ago

HAHAHA so 20 bucks isnt Nice??? I got a disagree for stating a fact and making a claim that I will buy the game.. Wierd

SiLeNt KNighT3635d ago

i guess the greedy b**tard wants more than 20 off!

koalafrappe3635d ago

No, I disagreed because of your avatar. Well, not really, but I should. :P

Sylar3635d ago

why are people so offended by disagrees? it's just a number -_- big deal oO anyways i tried bioshock at friend's house, its good when it starts but then starts to get boring...

HateFanboys3635d ago

But i think Bioshock is way overrated, its "good", but its way overrated (like all things 360!)

DaTruth3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

I agreed because of your avatar.

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pansenbaer3635d ago

Best Buy discounted Bioshock to 40 bucks 2 weeks ago. I picked up that and Motorstorm (also 40). Target discounted Fallout 3 this week to 40 but I think they might be sold out... :(

Bell Boy3635d ago

got myself motorstorm pacific rift in same deal 2 weeks ago what a bargin.

Great Game

HateFanboys3635d ago

Yeah Motorstorm 2 is a real good game, awesome lighting.

SiLeNt KNighT3635d ago

it appeals to the parents that know nothing about gaming. "oh look i can get little jimmy a ps3 game for $20"

same reason 360 started selling the arcade with children games. make a quick buck off the wii frenzy of casual gamers.

casual=wont last long.

Lionsguard3635d ago

If you have a PC that can handle Bioshock, it's $5 on steam.

BabyStomper50003635d ago

Nice! Wish I had a not-emachine's computer!

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