Things to do in Azeroth when you're dead and level 80

So here you are, a new level 80 Death Knight. You've made your triumphant return to Ebon Hold to train your level 80 skills and hearthed back to Dalaran, and now you're hanging out in front of the bank on your favorite mount. And you have no idea what to do next. No worries, here's a list of goals that should answer that eternal question (eternal in this case being the time to the next expansion), "I'm level 80. Now What?"

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hay3634d ago

Dunno what to do in Azeroth but I have some really cool things to do in real life...

Montrealien3634d ago

oh snap!

ever think of stand up?

Leathersoup3634d ago

All these amazing things to do in real life and yet here you are commenting on a gaming website.


hay3634d ago

@1.2: You can't be that dumb to think that people can only do "amazing things in real life" without spending 15 minutes on checking latest news in gaming world?
I classify your riposte as lame and unable to make any valid point.

Leathersoup3633d ago

You know? You're right. Domain name squatting is a much more admirable way to spend your time.

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JeepGamer3634d ago

The best thing you could do would be to wonder why you didn't cancel your account months ago and then rectify the situation immediately, uninstall WoW and go warm up your console game system of choice.

ChampIDC3634d ago

So move from one gaming addiction to another? That's terr...oh wait, that's what I did.