Fragland: Call of Duty: World at War Review

World at War is without a doubt a great shooter: intense, immersive, with some memorable levels, a very high finishing and a basic gameplay that's as tight as possible. Too bad that there's little new and that despite everything Treyarch doesn't manage to get to the level of what Infinity Ward surprised us with last year. So buy it even if you're a mild lover of shooters but don't expect something as unfortgettable as Modern Warfare.

* WW2 is fascinating again
* Some beautiful missions
* Intense and tight gameplay
* Presentation licked to the smallest dots
* All the good of the CoD4 multiplayer

* No real innovation and Japanese battleground seems more a nice variation than innovation
* Mechanisms a tad too visible (triggers, scripting, linearity)
* Attempt to bring the horror of war to life largely failed

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