Portable Gaming Systems: Is Nintendo or PlayStation Winning This Round?

Seekingalpha: Through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we heard a lot about the phenomenal popularity of the Nintendo Wii this holiday season. But are shoppers also showing interest in the smaller cousins of the consoles: portable gaming systems? And who is winning that battle for consumer interest?

Sony PlayStation and Nintendo are the major players in this market - with the PSP and the DS, respectively. To get a read on how online interest in these two brands shaped up in 2008, I looked at portable gaming interest in 2008 on two major consumer electronics retailers' websites, Best Buy (BBY) and Circuit City. Specifically, I tracked hardware and software for the PSP and DS and other legacy devices by these companies.

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Nathan Drake3635d ago

But the PsP is still where it's at for me,have both(DSlite though not the DSi)so heh more fun for me

DiabloRising3634d ago

I'm winning. Why? Cuz I'm a gamer. I play games. I don't own stock in Sony, Nintendo, or MS. If they move another 20,000 units than the competition, it doesn't affect me.

Note to Game "Journalists" - Give me something with substance that is not a "Top 10 List/A Versus Article/A Comparison/A Doomed Article" Until then, I will continue to mock you at your total lack of anything pertinent to say.

Sully3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

As an unbiased owner of PS3 and DS,

Nintendo is winning the portalable race. I bought the DS because of its piracy. I got 75 games on it. 2 of my friends did the same thing. Imagine how many others have done the same? There is at least 2000 people visting my fav rom site right now.

GTA Chinatown Wars is a first day pirate for me.

PS: For legal purposes, i am just joking with this post.

bushfan3634d ago

Sony is doing a great job, Nintendo have a lot of experience and a LOT of portable consoles in his entire life, just look at game gear and neo geo pocket and then look what the PSP has done.

PSP can't catch the NDS sales, but it does a great contender(a very good one)

FinalomegaS3634d ago

the PSP isn't being bought solely as a gaming device as the DS is. I was thinking how would the sale of the PSP be if it didn't have all the functions it did. How well would it sell as a gaming device only? It's great that nintendo can sell their systems as gaming device only, and last I check the user base for the DS isn't mainly kids but the age range is much larger than PSP. Which gives it a bigger amount to sell for. Me and my brother both have the DS and PSP, whatever game is release that we like we buy, and don't pay attention whos better, because honestly we can be playing all the PSP game on the ps2.Sorry i don't hate pirates but you must understand that stealing games isn't helping the game devs of the PSP and the DS, I don't pirate games because i love to have the manual and game box.

Danja3634d ago

I own both so im the winner..XD

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