Square Enix to dominate in 2009

2009 is set to become one of the most dominate years in Square Enix's history as a video game developer. Nothing 2008 has thrown at them has caused the company to completely stall or stop developing video games. Attempts to takeover less fotunate companies in the year has shown the gaming industry the power and wealth this company has at its disposal whilst still creating video games.

This article looks at what the game industry can expect concerning Square Enix in 2009.

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DragonWarrior465343635d ago

The only thing that is getting dominated is Squeenix's fragile butt by Microsoft.

Menech3635d ago

Yeah so true they finished with Sony I hear hes no good in bed. :/

Bladestar3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

That's life!

When a man does not provide financially, emotionally and physically for the woman... Usually they try finding those things else where.

Sony has turned into a unemployed, broke, cranky, boring old guy who not even an overdose of viagra seems to make a difference.

Why should a hot girl SquareEnix put of with Sony? Sony's is no longer the attractive company it used to be when the PSOne came out.

Sony should be thankful at least the Girl (Square) wants to be friends (give them Final Fantasy XIII).

3635d ago
ultimolu3635d ago

How about you two go over there on the side...
And Bladestar, *never* have I seen you contribute anything remotely intelligent or witty in ANY piece of news.

Lol @ Dragon Warrior, that was funny.

whoelse3635d ago

Well Final Fantasy wont be coming in 2009 in regions other than Japan.

thebudgetgamer3635d ago

kind of washed up still looking good but nothing like it used to be with mediocre titles not the once proud square that kept pumping out hits.
its like sleeping with dolly parton she is old and ragged but at least you can say you got some right


Darkseider3635d ago

If Square/Enix is the hot girl putting out for Microsoft all she has given them is a couple of STDs so far.

candystop3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

That was freaking hilarious and oh so true lol. Your reality check definitely just hurt some some feelings and that's why you got so many disagrees from a typical multi account user. 2009 might just be Squares year but I have a feeling there will be tons of competition.

Edit above Darkseider: Well luckily for MS they use protection because the disease Sony picked up has already spread and killed two big developers, and will soon consume them too. :P

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deeznuts3635d ago

Yup. Even mistwalker cancelled their third game. No love for JRPGs on the 360.

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Bladestar3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

@ caladbolg777, "You both are ... bla bla... fart... fart... wahhh wahhh... bla bla... spit... spit... oppression on N4G."

Ohh wow... that does sound like a great contribution...

You are doing worst than us... at least we are talking about Sony and the PS3... you on the other hand focus on talking about us...
Why don't you make you point? Why don't you talk about How all Namco, Square, Capcom, etc games that used to be Playstation exclusive are now on the Xbox 360?

These are facts kids... Playstation is NOT what it used to be... And I do not have to give you my opinion on that... All you have to do is look at all the games that used to be exclusive PS games and now are multiplatform... or how Companies like Square, Capcom who used to be loyal sony developers are now supporting the xbox 360 even more than the PS3...

That's a contribution... that a fact.. written on stone!

Sony it's simply not longer the new Romeo... no longer the latin lover... Sony simply lost everything to the Milk man! haha!

By the way.. stop embracing yourself talking about bubbles...
This site is mostly Sony fan... duhh they are going to target our bubbles...

I wear my lack of bubbles as a metal of honor! It simply means you don't agree...

thebudgetgamer3635d ago

then why is every other article about the ps3 failing?
pllease tell me


Bladestar3635d ago

@thebudgetgamer - because it's hard to cover the truth with dirt..

News is News and though people may not like what they see and keep trying to report the articles negatively many of the get approve for obvious reasons...

Why don't you go to all major Game/media sites and look around... Lots of people here hate Kotaku, GameTrailers, CNN etc for the same reason... there are so many bad news out there that Any site that simply report the news will be blamed of being a Sony hater.

Sony promised so many things and drop the ball so many times that even Sony fan sites are force to report the news.

Sheddi3635d ago

Bladestar = Fanboy
I can say things about the console that u prefer but I wont, because why should I waste my time and energy doing things like that.
Open Zone, that way --->

RememberThe3573635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

New is new, but opinion pieces are not news.

Every one of the articles about the PS3 failing are opinion pieces, not news.

The fact is that the PS3 is not selling at the same level as its predecessor the PS2. However, It is outselling the 360 at the same point in it's life cycle.

The PS3 is now around 19 million units, and at the same point in its life cycle, 2 years, the 360 was at about 16 million units.

That is not an opinion, that is a fact.

thebudgetgamer3634d ago

if this was truely a ps3 site none of those articles would make it but they make it everyday


prowiew3634d ago

squareenix is just diggin their grave. How many final fantasy, kingdom hearts, dragon quest we need in 2009? Exploiting the product.

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Raoh3635d ago

LOL square actually thinks them a microsoft are friends.

a stronger move to show the 360 is a good rpg machine would have been to work more with mistwalker from Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Both better games than anything square has released on the 360 thus far.

Danja3635d ago

M$ think they are friends with SE.....we'll

Raoh3635d ago

no i think i got it right.

Se thinks they are pulling a fast one on microsoft. but SE is way over their heads on this one.

SE screws companies over big.

but microsoft makes a living on it.

Sarick3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Just like blizzard SE has a steady income supporting them through FFXI. I'm not rating FF online I'm pointing out the fact that they have a several thousands of players paying $15+ a month. This is like customers buying a new game every 2-4 months and doesn't include expansion packs or extra services.

Lets just *assume* a company has 100,000 players each with an account $15 a month.

100,000 x15 = $1,500,000 per month.

Lets also *assume* 500,000 of that is for internet service employees etc per month.

The online RPG is a good soruce of income even if it rates low as long as it has enough subscribers to support the development and staff.

That comes out to $12,000,000 a year with 100,000 players. PS2, PC, and 360 included. These aren't actual numbers just used to represent how where extra funding is coming from.

locos853634d ago

Why is it that Square has decided to change their habits now? They used to send everything Sony's way and be extremely successful. PSone, PS2. Now there have switched boat and none of their games have done jack $%*t. When they release their first PS3 game they will be hit hard with a wake up call. Sony platforms are the only place they can survive. Well Nintendo also but most of their fan base has been brought up with Sony. I can't wait to see what happens with FF13 and FFvs13.

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Nathan Drake3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

They'll dominate with the Ps3 release of FF13 in 2009(JP),but Kingdom Hearts on PSP/DS will just be successful releases-they won't shape nor dominate the market they're coming out for.I have my doubts regarding Star Ocean 4s ability to generate sales of 200,000+,but it might chart as well.

Other than that,it's pretty much a given Square Enix will need more unmarked briefcases from Microsoft in order to survive another year

iNFAMOUZ13635d ago

ps3 this ps3 that!
for once in your life
cant you be anything more than a biased sony fan?

dude gaming is gaming, stop making attention for yourself or any company.

its not like sonys giving you a monthly allowance right?
so why feel the need to kiss a$$?

seriously dude, sony's and ms's feud, means something good for all of us gamers...GAMES!

at the end of the day, your joystick is what gives ya the most pleasure ;)

CloudsEnd3635d ago

And who gives us that Joystick ? Sony.
We cant make them on our own. Jeez. =/

Ah and Blademask is a stupid fanboy.

Argento-Nox3635d ago

I've always been a fan of Star Ocean (have all 3), but it's never been a big seller. FFXIII will probably wipe the floor with SO4 on it's first hour alone. It's not going to be a nice day for MS when FFXIII or Versus drops as a PS3 exclusive on it's 1st day in Japan.

BleuStreeks3635d ago

Square has to change before it can dominate again. If they realize that its unwise to change elements of success then they will start seeing the money roll in. I don't mind them making multiplat games but I do mind when they do it because they are money hungry....Sqaureenix was never about the money because the games they made brought them in more than they are getting greedy and so they get no money and it will continue to happen until they see the error of their ways.

kewlkat0073635d ago

Just change that Square to "Sony" and you'll realize the industry as a whole have changed.

Fanboys will remain the same..

Apocalypse Shadow3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

of ps3s sold and copies of advent children moved.ps3 will definitely hit it's 10 million for the year worldwide.8 more 10 millions to go to hit 100 million.but don't think square is truely behind sony fully.before ps3 launched they made their intentions known....


In a Wall Street Journal article about Sony's new system, Square Enix senior vice president Michihiro Sasaki told the paper, "We don't want the PlayStation 3 to be the overwhelming loser, so we want to support them. But we don't want them to be the overwhelming winner either, so we can't support them too much."


square knows that ff will push ps3s in high numbers.same with capcom knowing that monster hunter for ps3 instead of wii would have pushed high numbers.the point is,they are purposely not helping sony,but only enough to keep things even in the race.

that's why support is needed for level 5.a good rpg maker.their support of ps3 is telling.they want to move forward and give their ps2 fans something to look forward to if they don't have a ps3 yet.unlike square or capcom.

can't wait to see what happens upon ff release.