EA Hasbro Sells 2M Units During Holiday Season

Bolstered by game titles like Little Pet Shop, Nerf "N-Strike" and Hasbro Game Night, EA Hasbro has sold two million units this holiday season.

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ngg123453641d ago

3 vaporware titles that are garbage outsold mp3, zack and wiki, and no more heroes combined? I hate the wii. It is like an atari 7800 except it is selling.

Voiceofreason3641d ago

LMAO.... Vaporware is a game that never gets released.... These titles are not vaporware... They are not even shovel ware. They are games for kids. Seems your hate is based more on ignorance more than anything else... But just ignore these post and keep using those buzz words you read online that you dont even know what they mean...