Top 5 Video Game Franchise Crossover Fantasies

Greedy Raven writes, "The best thing about the Super Smash Brothers franchise is that it finally settled the age old question, "Who would win in a fight, __ or __?" Well, maybe it didn't settle the question but it sure gave us the opportunity to make a case for our favorite hero. Video game crossovers are a guilty pleasure for most gamers, and why shouldn't they be? Is there something wrong with sticking Yoda in a Soul Calibur game or pitting Sub-Zero against Batman? Crossovers are great, but they shouldn't be limited to fighting games. Here are my top five video games that should arrange a play date..."

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CrAppleton3635d ago

Interesting choices.. I would LOVE to see a game as hardcore as Gran Turismo get the crash effects of Burnout!

bgrundman3635d ago

That would be pretty hardcore, too bad GT still doesn't show damage on the cars...

bgrundman3635d ago

I guess it had something to do with the car licensing only being given if the cars wouldn't be damaged. Damn foreign cars.

CrAppleton3635d ago

M$ was able to do it.. why cant Sony?

Common Sense3635d ago

in Gran Turismo and companies are worried as to how that would affect their image. Forza's crashes aren't realistic enough to get car companies worried.

Doppy3635d ago

I've imagined an Arcade mode in previous Gran Turismo games similar to Burnout for the longest. Not so much as face paced off the wall gameplay, but something simple that everyone can get into and enjoy.

This would make it more accessible to everyone.

Product3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Thats just it though GT is not about crashes its about driving hence "ultimate driving simulator"
GT's main game is wrapped around driving more then anything and if damage was incorporated it would take away from driving and be more around real life racing.If damage was incorporated to give a more race feel then i guess its time to start putting in Engine failures blow tires and DNFs.This would ruin what makes GT so great focus around driving.NFS forgot about this when they started getting crazy with their games and look at them.

Now if you could have an option to turn all that off......i would be a fan,then you would have the best of both worlds...real life driving and real life racing.

vickers5003635d ago

I was thinking more of Kratos meets Nariko.

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CrAppleton3635d ago

Starfox 3D co-op campaign = AWESOME!

bgrundman3635d ago

Makes me long for the classic N64 StarFox games. Could you imagine how good they could have been if this crossover was possible?

CrAppleton3635d ago

Just think.. Starfox Wii

bgrundman3635d ago

It better be coming too!

ChampIDC3635d ago

It could be so easily coming if Nintendo would show their fans some more love.

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bgrundman3635d ago

Are there any other interesting platform crossing coops that would be neat to see? Like Master Chief in Resistance or JoAnna Dark in Mass Effect?

SGT Nathan Fail3635d ago

I wanna see a Sonic/Kingdom hearts crossover.

bgrundman3635d ago

That would be pretty bad ass... but I am curious how Square Enix and SEGA currently get along.

SGT Nathan Fail3635d ago

It could work if all sega did was sign the pretty piece of paper that allowed square to use the characters and let square work their magic without them interfering. Ever since they decided to use the 4kids voice actors I have hated them. -_- It all went downhill from there sadly....

bgrundman3635d ago

As long as we don't hear from any of Sonic's friends other than Tails and Knuckles, I would be happy.

ThatCanadianGuy3635d ago

I would like Solid snake and alll his gadgets and skills in an open world game like fallout 3 or GTAIV.

But keep MGS4's graphics,story,characters etc.And get Raiden in there with some Ninja gaiden hack n'slash skills.

Now that would be epic.

bgrundman3635d ago

Snake in GTA IV would definitely make things a bit more interesting in Liberty City.

Rocky873635d ago

Snake in the world of Fallout 3 would be pretty cool.

ChampIDC3635d ago

Snake could totally own Liberty City. Wouldn't even be fair.

Seeing him in Fallout 3's landscape would definitley be an interesting new challenge for him.

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