An Ode To Free Radical writes-"...we became witnesses to the closure of many starry developers whose ideas and concepts had been successful in raising the bar of the industry. More recently we heard about the closure and sale of Free Radical, developer of the well received Timesplitters series. Haze their latest offering was released earlier this year and was met with extremely harsh and critical reactions from the community and crtics at large. We pause and take a look at the number of games Free Radical gave each enticing a different experience or building upon the previous in a multitude of ways."

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LukaX233635d ago

I don't think they would've gone out of business if it weren't for freaking HAZE. Well, actually, they probably would have. W.e. good bye Free Radical!

Marcan213635d ago

Bought that game the 23 days ago for 30 $ and it is worth it. I it better than many games like all the splinter cell or rainbow six or Darksector.