WIRED: Vaporware 2008: Crushing Disappointments, False Promises and Plain Old BS

Welcome to Wired's 11th annual Vaporware Awards, our annual roundup of the tech industry's biggest, brashest and most baffling unfulfilled promises.

This year, handset makers were exhaling more vapor than anyone - eager to compete with the iPhone and to cash in on the excitement around Android and GPS-enabled services, the mobile sector was ripe with empty vows. Gamers had it rough again this year, too, as several key titles failed to ship on time.

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HighDefinition3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Home is vaporware?

That`s why half of the people online on my friends list are in it right now. If you don`t like Home, so be it, but realize there are lots of people who do.

sak5003637d ago

Read the damn article before commneting. Here i'll help you:

"Home was originally announced in March 2007, but was repeatedly sidelined. And now that it’s kinda here, it's woefully incomplete. Promised features like video sharing are absent, Sony has removed voice chat until further notice, and users from different countries can't interact with one another — a major problem for an international platform"

The gaming GOD3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Did you ever think that maybe he DID read the article?

By the definition of "Vaporware" his comment is valid

Edit- Didn't IE8 come out already, if it did, it shouldn't be on that list either

ultimolu3637d ago

I don't even think sak read the article himself.

Vaporware is something that was never released period. Home was released but it's in beta stage.

It's not vaporware.

LiquifiedArt3637d ago

Every day or 2. And its pretty thriving if you ask me, even for such limited content. I see great possiblities. Hopefully Sony will utilize this meta-platform and really push the boundaries.

lokiroo4203637d ago

Really I have never been on, even in the late night,and it not be filled to the gills with people.