2008 In Review: MGS4 Helps PS3 Thrive, ESA Stumble

As 2008 comes to an end, Gamasutra reflects on the year's major stories, one quarter at a time.

Over the holiday and into the new year, they will be rounding up a news summary aimed at providing a solid look back on 2008's memorable events.

Following January to March 2008's round-up, they look at April through June 2008 -- from growth signs for the PlayStation 3, thanks to Metal Gear Solid 4, through notable departures from the Entertainment Software Association trade body.

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gaffyh3612d ago

This article doesn't have much to do with the 360 really, more to do with PS3 & Wii

yaboi3612d ago

is no doubt the most successful ps3 exclusive not only this year but this whole generation

Tiberium3611d ago

Too bad it couldn't have been released during the holidays, then it would have sold more.