Fragland: Fable 2 Review

Fable 2 has become a wonderful, exciting fairy tale, one in which the promises of freedom of choice, real role-playing and an exciting world have finally been fulfilled. Regrettably, some technical shortcomings like the many loading times, the sometimes inadequate interface and the not always well devised fighting system make the whole a bit less pleasant. However, at no time those negative points will be able to stop you from fully enjoying this warm, pleasant game in which you can let yourself go and in which you can enjoy the humour, the fantasy, the surprising end and the many unforgettable moments.

* Freedom of choice, your own character!
* Fantastic world, full of amusing stories
* Nice graphics and exciting music and voice acting
* Accessible thanks to some good finds like your dog and the breadcrumb trail
* Inspired, funny, grown-up and original
* Funny Achievements

* Fighting system not always good or deep enough
* Too many loading times and inadequate maps, making the world not feel like one whole

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