The 10 most anticipated Wii games of 2009

Infendo: "2008 was one of the best years for Nintendo games in recent memory, but the lineup for '09 has it beat. In the coming year we'll see mindless violence, classic platforming, new paths blazed in motion control and game design, cherished franchise revivals, and nostalgic throwbacks galore. Kiss your checkbook goodbye: it's Infendo's Most Anticipated games of 2009!"

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Eiffel3641d ago


That word is losing its meaning.

ChampIDC3641d ago

At least on the Wii it is.

Agent VX3641d ago

Madworld is about the only thing on that list that even remotely interests me. That game looks pretty neat if they don't cave into toning down the violence.

I also have to admit that I would like to try out a modern day "Punch Out" game, even though I know that it would keep my interest for about 4 hours.

Overall, for my own tastes, the Wii is a waste of time. I am in no way saying the system sucks, just that it don't appeal to me. So fanboys, don't get your panties in a knot.

ChampIDC3641d ago

Don't worry, Wii fanboys pretty much don't exist.

Voiceofreason3641d ago

So much of a waste of time with no interest that you had to rush off to the Wii article to let everyone know how you have no interest in it??? Yeah right.. To me the PS3 is a waste of time. Which is why you wont find me posting in PS3 articles that often if at all. Because I really do not care. However it is kinda obvious that you care because you rushed here to post.What I am saying is that if it really had no interest for you, you would never bother coming to Wii news...

Agent VX3640d ago

Not true, I am still trying to find a reason to buy a Wii, without success. I hoped this article would sway me, but it didn't. The Wii software line up is a joke, and it looks like next year will be the same.

Don't get so excited that I said I don't like the Wii, it is not living, nor has any feelings. I am sure my feeling towards the Wii won't in any way cause it concern or harm.

Mini Mario3640d ago

"Don't worry, Wii fanboys pretty much don't exist."

Yep its only sony and MS Fanboys here hey champ :-)

ChickeyCantor3640d ago

" Don't worry, Wii fanboys pretty much don't exist"

Shows who the idiots are of this war =P

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mint royale3641d ago

How can you have 9 bubbles and be such a fanboy? It is a sad day.

Monster Hunter 3
Dragon Quest
Mushroom Men (gorgeous game)

These are my most anticipated.

Voiceofreason3641d ago

Sad indeed. He acts like a child but you will be the one that gets banned for 6 days. He'll be allowed to run around in the gamer zone acting like a fanboy as long as he is trashing the Wii and 360 everything is good. Hell I got banned once just for saying Sixaxis was a gimmick.

Mini Mario3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

"How can you have 9 bubbles and be such a fanboy? It is a sad day"

Its because they need more of their ppl's comments reasurring themselves how great there "HD" machines are ...mainly because thats all they own, unlike a few of us who actually own more than one system.

man0fsteel3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

to see if I clicked on this link, if it said NONE. I'd die laughing.

But its cool to have something to look forward to on this system

Voiceofreason3641d ago

Yeah the highest selling console in history doesnt have a single game for 09... Your pathetic attempt at trolling only makes you look dumb..

man0fsteel3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

... so hypersensitive.

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings , but I think what i said was quite awesome actually (haha)

What I said was nothing short of a joke. I have no qualms with the Wii, it is what it is and my g/f owns one as a matter of fact in our apartment which I do use from time to time. So chill out, dry up your tears, and stop acting like you are trying to make a change.

Edit: by the way before you get all excited - that ONE agree that you got was from me - :-p

Voiceofreason3641d ago

Why would you making a stupid comment have any impact on anyone? It doesnt have to bother someone for them to be able to see that your joke lacked any humor at all. Also pointing out how stupid your comment was is not in any way an attempt to "change" anything. Funny how you trolls always make stupid comments that have no merit in reality then when someone points that out, you get upset start crying and say that the other person must have been really upset to correct you. Which is just completely retarded. What I get from both of your posts is one was a poor attempt at trolling and then when you get called out for it you try to excuse it and make it sound like someone else has the problem and not you. If someone said not a single PS3 or 360 game was coming out next year I would say the same thing to them almost. However would you react the same way to this news for PS3 or 360 as you would for the Wii?

man0fsteel3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

...waste of my time


EDIT: actually just to lay it on thick... I find it pathetic that you trying to make an example of me doing something that you have no precedence to. I've been in here for a while, and when I see people talk crap about a system or systems i like, I do not create a raucous and vehemently argue just to seem right and just as what you are trying to do. People are going to disagree, and you can't say that your opinion is more right than the other. That is a virtue I've upheld for a long time, and I think it is petty and immature to misconstrue someone else's intentions for something. That is ALL I have to say

Mini Mario3640d ago

"What I said was nothing short of a joke. I have no qualms with the Wii, it is what it is and my g/f owns one as a matter of fact in our apartment which I do use from time to time"

Oh yeh and i bet u bought it for her too ;-)...for her too play ;-)

lol now that's funny.

her - "come play with me babe"

You - "oh, if i have too (and he smiles)"

man0fsteel3640d ago

Actually she bought it the same day I bought my PS3. We're going in on half on a 360 once the Jasper chipset is widely available.

We use the wii more when we have company... Which I firmly believe is the better system to use when you are in a group. Its funny to see her 79 year old grandmother playing Wii sports.

This is why I find it so petty that some people are taking offense and are continuing to lambaste me on what I said. Never did I say the system sucks or any of the sort, but fact of the matter is that it needs a lot more appealing games! Honestly i'm sick and tired of hearing what the 360 & PS3 has to offer, its getting old. There's a 3rd system (the Wii) thats out there, which I do like, But I wish I could hear something that can have as much buzz as the other systems have rather than continuously raving about Wii fit or just being able to obtain a Wii. Those of you who disagree can just cry me a river...

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commando343641d ago

Come on guys thats a pretty cool list coming from the "baby" system. As a long time Nintendo fan im feeling good about them all of them but 1 question: WHERE IS KIRBY WII AND PIKMIN 3, those are going to be the system sellers and maybe then ill dust off the old wii :)Also Mad world comes out on my birthday so then Ill have 2 great games within 3 days (MadWorld-Mar 10, Resident evil 5 !!!! march 13)

ChickeyCantor3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

You have to be kidding me...really?
Baby system? and then you demand KIRBY?

I love kirby but don't go floating to magical land now, you hear?
Kirby and Pikmin are on their way ya know it. So chill.

Sorry i thought you said it was a baby system, my bad.

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