Gamers Temple Review: A Kingdom for Keflings

Gamers Temple: "Usually when I get games for review, I sit down, play for as long as I can stand it (or my work schedule affords), get to the end and begin writing. There are exceptions to my set way of doing things, like when reviewing impossibly long and complex games (where the game would be on the bargain shelf before I finished everything) or ridiculously short games, like those available on the iPhone. A Kingdom for Keflings, the Xbox 360's semi-new strategy simulation game that was created to showcase the platform's new personal avatar system, is another exception. I've been playing it on and off for about a week now, and to be perfectly honest, the game is so low-key that I'm not sure exactly how much progress I've made or even if there is an ultimate goal to work toward. That isn't a complaint or slight on the game in the least, but for a system best known for ultra high-end graphics, a fantastic array of FPS and shooting games and an emphasis on online play, A Kingdom for Keflings feels at best out of place, and at worst a tech demo showcasing the change in Xbox Live's appearance.

If you haven't updated your 360 in a while, a little explanation is warranted. Microsoft has changed the look and dashboard of its Live service, and in turn, just about everything you see when you power up the system. Most notable of the changes is the new avatar system that is pretty much exactly like what the Miis are to the Nintendo Wii. Each player designs his or her own little avatar person, who is attached to your gamertag... you get the picture. Sure, the idea is copied from Nintendo, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, correct?"

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