MyGamer Review: Eternal Sonata

MyGamer: "In today's gaming age, it seems that most titles revolve around the use guns, FPS's, or some type of duck'n cover type gameplay. So when an RPG hits shelves, they are either overlooked, gobbled up by the smaller RPG fanbase, or both. Such is the case with Eternal Sonata. While it probably won't obtain as much attention as the next big FPS, this game will definitely please fans of this slower paced genre.

Released about a year ago on the 360, the developers at Tri-Crescendo have recently ported this sleeper hit to the PS3 complete with some new locations and playable characters. While a simple upgrade from the original version, PS3 owners are bound to eat this game up on the RPG starved system.

The player actually plays through the mind of the great French composer Frederic Chopin while he is in a coma. Although the game takes place through the thoughts of a man on his death bed, the story flips between real time doctor visits and the adventure that is playing out in this mind. Yes, this is definitely a unique way to tell a story and is sure to spur some WTF moments."

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Baba19063635d ago

i would buy this if it came out in europe sometime soon.........