Digital Life Review - Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City

Jason Hill writes:

"Whether you view this latest Animal Crossing as a lazy, overpriced remake or a refreshing and charming time-waster will no doubt depend entirely on whether you are a long-time Nintendo loyalist or one of the many new converts. Nintendo has a long history of milking its most popular franchises but it's hard to remember a sequel from the Japanese giant that has offered so little to returning players.

This is a game that follows the same template as its two predecessors. The new features are few and offer little substance. Players are ferried into a small village inhabited by a handful of talkative anthropomorphic critters. There is no objective other than to live an idyllic life by befriending the residents and beautifying your house and village.

Tasks include growing fruit trees and selling the produce to the local store, writing letters, digging for fossils, catching fish and customising your house and character's appearance. Many will consider the activities mundane, others will find the game engrossing and therapeutic."

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