Revealed: First Battlefront III renders

Richard Smith, a former employee of Free Radical, has posted some of the first renders he modeled for Star Wars Battlefront III which include such characters as Han Solo and Sahra The Bounty Hunter.

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Jpinter3641d ago

For being two year old renders, the game doesn't look all that bad. Hopefully Rebellion can take over and release a good product. *crossing fingers*

commando343641d ago

Ive always loved the Battlefront series and its the only game i still have for the original Xbox xD. Hope its good cuz im buying it :)

TIKUP3641d ago

This better be a good game and also the new developers better do a good job

Kal11383641d ago

Hopefully, Rebellion (or whoever the new developers are) start work right away. I really want a new Battlefront game. It can be an awesome online multiplayer game.

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The story is too old to be commented.