GiN Review: Left 4 Dead

John Breeden writes:

"Left 4 Dead has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and for good reason. If you're expecting just an average zombie shooter, you're going to be surprised. Whether that surprise is good or bad depends a lot on your play style and preferences.

The game starts out like any number of zombie apocalypse movies that have been popular as of late. A large portion of the world, or at least a major metropolitan area, has been overrun with zombies. Some virus or plague has erupted and turned everyone into mindless killing machines. Well, almost everyone. There are a few people who managed to survive. You play as one of a group of four survivors who have banded together to try and make it to safety. If you stick together you might have a chance because while you are immune to the virus that makes zombies, you can still be killed by the teeth and claws of the infected hoards."

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