Capcom has some tricks up their sleeves for Wii owners in 2009

Capcom has revealed that the company has some secret Wii games in store for 2009.

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TheColbertinator3637d ago

I still want Resident Evil 5 to come to Wii.It would look ok with the RE4 engine and the motion controls would all come along right.Not sure about the co-op and how it could work on the Wii

PS360WII3637d ago

Yeah that would rock if they did that.

Bnet3433637d ago

You must be out of your mind.

GFahim3637d ago

and play a different, ground up, or updated re 4 engine game on the wii instead. probably, re 5:seperate ways or RE 6 or even a remake of RE 2 and 3 using the re4 engine!

ChickeyCantor3637d ago

The only reason its on the Ps3 and 360 is for the "realism".
But the whole logic behind it fails miserably, it really does.

Well basically Re:4 =/= scary
More like "Actiony", same thing will happen with RE:5.
So the realism to scare people of is just gone to waste because this is a game that won't make you sh/t your pants.

The whole idea behind it is a failure, not saying the game will be bad but to make it exclusive to the other 2 consoles is stupid, because like i said, it's not a game that would scare you at all. All it does is put you in moments of action.

Re:5 should come to the Wii with an updated engine new shaders just to make it look worth it. The IR controls really added up to Re:4, so it's just stupid not to make it for the Wii.
Stupid Capcom Stupid( and no i have a Ps3 if i want the game on it i have no problem getting it).

Smacktard3637d ago

Kigmal, why is he out of his mind? Have you seen the gameplay comparisons between RE5 and RE4? I noticed the similarities before I even saw the comparisons. It's basically the exact same game with updated graphics. Just dumb the graphics of the game down a bit and you've got a million seller on the Wii.

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SiLeNt KNighT3637d ago

lets hope somebody/anybody has something in store for the wii next year!

DarkBlood3637d ago

i can't wait for 2009 to come my wii library is going to grow bigger espically for my ps3 games as well

djslapdash3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

Resident Evil 4 : The Hidden Files (Remake No.2)
Resident Evil : Wesker's Tales (Remake No.2)
Resident Evil 2 : Wii Edition
Resident Evil 3 : Wii Edition

qface643637d ago

what are you smoking resident evil 2 and 3 remade on wii pffft where do i go and reserve those are million sellers right there