Activision-Blizzard Updated Release Schedule

Activision-Blizzard have today updated their latest European release schedule for the first quarter of 2009. With a collection of Wii games and some intriguing PLAYSTATION3 and Xbox360 titles on the list – as well as, of course, Monsters Vs. Aliens based on the Dreamworks' movie of the same name – the line-up will almost certainly do well at retail; convincing Hardcore Gamers may well be more difficult.

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ChampIDC3613d ago

I hate the Activision-Blizzard name. Articles like this get my hopes up that Blizzard might be releasing Starcraft 2 soon, but then I realize it's pretty much about more Activision shovelware and nothing to do with Blizzard.

Darkseider3613d ago

PS3 owners will be spared Secret Service. Cauldron, the guys that made Soldier of Fortune:Payback, are working on this masterpiece.

ChampIDC3613d ago

Poor PS3 owners get shabby ports of good games enough. They don't need shabby ports of god awful games.

AliC3613d ago

WOW a complete list of nothing all that exciting :D

cruckel3613d ago

Hopes up... YAY

Shoot down... BOO!!!

ChampIDC3613d ago

Simple version of my earlier comment =)

GiantEnemyCrab3612d ago

What a stinker list! The Wii effect will be taking over in 09 just look at that Shovelware. Paintball? Movie Tie-in and Secret Service which I think has already scored 4/10 from OXM. No thanks!