White Knight Chronicles Sells 130,000 In Debut

Kotaku: While we won't get the official figures until later this week, the early word is that Level 5's PS3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles has sold 130,000 copies in its first day.

The game went on sale Christmas Day in Japan.

Granted, this isn't terrible for a PS3 title in Japan (or Xbox 360 title, for that matter), it is lower than probably Sony and Level 5 expected.

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sonic19893639d ago

Not bad for a new IP, now mabe level-5 will work exclusively wityh Sony.

Danja3639d ago

good numbers considering it's only 2 days worth of sales..if im not mistaken..

Dark Cloud 3 next plzzzz :)

MURKERR3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

kotaku your negativity fails, they also suggest a 360 title has sold that much in one day in japan...what title was that? someone post a link please thanks

The Killer3639d ago

because its not possible for a game to sell 100k first day then after 6 days it sells 30k more, unless the stores in japan were all closed during that time, but any way how will kotaku will know before media creates and Famitsu shows their numbers???

Marceles3639d ago

10th: White Knight Story (13.1 thousand) only the first DAY

Jpinter3639d ago

Well and according to the source of the info, its 132k sales...not 130k and 131k as Kotaku writes.

gaffyh3639d ago

Ok its 132k first day sales. And it hasn't even been a week yet, so how can you post up First week sales?

All the retards commenting on Kotaku think 130k in one day is bad...stupid fanboys

vasilisk3639d ago

First of all, could you all please report the story. I don't know how was this got approved. It clearly says "..has sold 130,000 copies in its first day."
And yet this "smart" contributor decided that it was best to change the original title of the article to "..sells 130000 in debut week" instead of just ".....sells 130000 in debut" and the he also changed the description of the article "...has sold 130,000 copies in its first week" instead of "...its first day".
Some people are very desperate for negative PS3 news...

gaffyh3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

@vasilisk - I think Kotaku changed it later. Still they are incredibly stupid to think that 132k is bad for a new IP, and RPG that got only 29/40 from Famitsu, and had a very low amount of preorders

edit - look at article url

vasilisk3639d ago

If they changed it later that's my bad...

Anyway, PS3 is on the market for a little more than 2 years in Japan and all I can see is that WKC stands at number 10 on the biggest selling debuts list and guess what???
It's the ONLY NEW IP on that list. And Kotaku is incredibly stupid trying to downplay this. And clearly it's more than Sony and Level-5 expected since the title had a 76% sellout rate during it's first day of sales...

Doppy3639d ago

I got the vibe they were being sarcastic, even though it sounds like their being @$$HOLES. Maybe they making fun of how often they are called out for being so down on the PS3.

Or maybe that's what they want us to believe?

Anywho 130,000 day one in one region is great.

gaffyh3639d ago

^212,000 in 3 days, is pretty damn good.

Saigon3639d ago

they changed the article to read first days sales rather than week sales...either way first day sales look good if they can stay over 100k for the next couple of weeks I will state the game a success in japan...

pixelsword3639d ago

Last Remnant on the 360 sold 78k

Otome-dius gorgeous on the 360 sold 5~10k

and Blue Dragon on the 360 sold 70,000 (I'm not sure about; they are kinda weak for news )

It's not great, but it's doing a lot better than most.

na2ru13639d ago

Anyone here still disagree that there's bias towards the PS3? Well your mother really needs to slap you hard if you do because this bias is right in your face atm.

pixelsword3638d ago

...Legit stories get shot down here all of the time, but this stuff, which can be PROVEN incorrect, is still standing.

Everyone knows Kotaku's a joke, but by constantly using often wrong and slanted articles from Kotaku only makes it appear that this place is becoming more and more of a joke.

Everyone is noticing it, too; especially when called an article re-posted on N4G with a "sensational headline".

and it sounds like they're pretty pissed, too; as N4G was the jumping point from many other websites that quoted that incorrect article.

No threads, no making up your own stories with provable facts, but post a crap website like kotaku, GamingGrep, or OXCGN A-OK!

This Copy-and-paste journalism of today, instead of taking facts and making informed and intelligent decisions yourself is what's destroying the information age.

Helghast3638d ago

I can't wait to play it :D

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Raoh3639d ago

leave it to kotaku to take positive sales of a new ip on the ps3 with low scores from famitsu to even beat gta4 and infinite undiscovery and last remnant etc and make it seem like a bad thing.

oh and make it seem like those type of sales are beneath the 360 in japan

ahh good ole ps3 hate lives even during good times LOL

badz1493639d ago

fanboyism at its finest! fit kotaku like bolt and nuts!

R_19933639d ago

I thought most retailers had finished their stock? If so then this is only counting 1 days worth of sales.

Danja3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

just 2 days worth of there was supply issues I read....

Level 5 has another hit on there hands...can't wait for it to come state side

edit: I swear I have someone tracking me..just to dis-agree with my every

@Below..yeh but I expect this game to do respectable numbers....

R_19933639d ago

I guess we'll have to wait for next week's numbers to get a good overview.

Martini3638d ago

Supply issues ? hahaha the new excuse for sfb.

Helghast3638d ago

WKC sold more in 1 day than what Square Enix's 360 RPGs sold in 1 WEEK

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jaffa_cake3639d ago

well its been out for a few days thats great work by level 5. I heard most shops where selling out and sony where finding it hard to meet the demand.
I have to only wonder how SE feel towards this?
Guessing there kicking them selves in the teeth.
oh well, well done level 5.

LeonSKennedy4Life3639d ago

It's selling like crack.

Kotaku should be shut down.