CVG: Halo Wars Preview

Cracking into the game's first two missions and its brief tutorial, it's clear that developers Ensemble have done exactly what they intended in making the controls work on console, but making those controls work has come at the expense of certain features RTS players take for granted.

Halo Wars was prototyped using a modified build of Age of Mythology as proof of concept. Says Lead Designer Graeme Devine,

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IQUITN4G3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

This game i believe will work very well and sell by word of mouth

Halo has always been fun to watch and just judging by the action showed from video and these screens, this translates perfectly well

What's also worth pointing out is that Halo Wars is more about quick tactics.Reactionary to the point of almost being like Halo itself or Street Fighter say - emphasis on punching units out in spontaneous response

I don't think this is your typical RTS pace and that alone will help this game tremendously