Sports Legends: 51 Must Have Games For The Holidays

The store shelves are jam packed with amazing titles but knowing which games are worth your hard earned cash can sometimes be difficult. But there's no need to worry: Sports Legends has done all the heavy lifting for you! They've put together a list of games that's sure to satisfy anyone on your holiday shopping list.


Over 170(!) screenshots added! Check them out!

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No FanS Land3636d ago

51? Who the F is going t buy 51 games it THIS holyday? (in the sense that it is just downright absurd to spend that lot of money).

NaiNaiNai3635d ago

51 must have games. has nothing to do with. MUST BUY... T_T you could A. go out and rent them. B. not play them if there not on your system. but yea. you wouldn't think that far ahead would you.