Xbox 360's '08 News-Makers

2008, it was predicted, was to be the beginning of the end for Microsoft. It's lead over Sony was born of an early launch and the competition fumbling its first year, some said. But with the forward-looking PS3 picking up steam, the 360 would slowly lose market share and eventually cede the year, sales-wise, to Sony.

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tatotiburon3642d ago

"2008, it was predicted, was to be the beginning of the end for Microsoft...."

How funny some people are saying the same thing right now but for 2009. The same story year after year.

Great year for Xbox 360, 2009 will be amazing too.

MURKERR3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

catalogue of games, what i think the media mean is that in 2009 graphically the ps3 will pull away, games like killzone will start that trend and (i wont list) but you know the rest that will follow,ps3 has many potentially great exclusives in 2009 something the 360 is seriously lacking for 2009,a price drop will also happen in 2009 now the production cost is soo much lower, so its easy to see why there is soo much optimism for ps3 in 2009, but the end of 360? no it will still be the cheaper console and have the multiplats, both consoles will co-exist which is good news

PotNoodle3642d ago

Microsoft won't say anything till the last minute, the PS3 is still slightly living on future promise, it has great games now - but they are games that the general public don't know about and the whole "PS3 has no games" thing is still going around.

So yeah, while sony have to announce things well in advance microsoft can afford to, at this point hold back on things.

SRU96003642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

DeathroW22 is correct.

All it takes is a game like Left 4 Dead to prove his point. Absolutely zero hype, and yet it comes out of the gate to rave reviews and wins "Best Multiplayer Game of the year" and "Game of the year" awards.

People who are writing Microsoft off because of a perceived lack of AAA exclusives for 2009 are only kidding themselves.

TheMART3642d ago


The gap is 5 mln. units still and the 360 is outselling the PS3 monthly since its pricedrop with big numbers about everywhere.

What is this guy smoking? Wishfull thinking? With the recession going on and getting much deeper in 2009 the PS3 is doomed for sure at its current pricelevel. Sony is having a hard time also, still are selling every PS3 with a loss and aren't able to cut prices and make more losses.

So I guess the PS3 will be dead in 3rd place. And thats sad with one great game like LittleBigPlanet on its platform.

Lon3wolf3642d ago

I'm glad none of the console's have been able to obliterate the other into nothing. It would be a sad day for gamers indeed should we only have Ninty and one other company making consoles. Long live the war and choice for gamers.