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New OPM scans of Killzone 2

New scans of Killzone 2 from Official Playstation Magazine (Germany) (Killzone 2, PS3)

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Carbide7  +   2595d ago
Beautiful, just beautiful

These are most probably from the review code I'm guessing.
dragunrising  +   2595d ago
Personally I can't wait for this game. Killzone 2 will be awesome. I'm glad that the game has a more realistic/slower pace to it than other arcadey/twitch shooters on the market. I hope it plays more tactical than simple run and gun.
goflyakite  +   2595d ago
Stop teasing us.
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INehalemEXI  +   2595d ago
only type of tease I want is in the form of a demo.
Skyreno  +   2595d ago
>> Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
Max Power  +   2595d ago
i love...
the helghan snipers, that cloaking cowl is just sweet.
BRACHATTACK  +   2595d ago
Common Sense  +   2595d ago
Cajun Chicken  +   2595d ago
I see what you did there.
El_Colombiano  +   2595d ago
From this day forward any game classified as epic will now be considered a Guerrilla game.

Ex: Damn that was a truly guerrilla game!

Instead of: Damn that was a truly epic game!

(its late.....)

Killzone 2 FTW baby!
celldomceen1  +   2595d ago
This game looks outrageous, i cant wait to pick this up!
LinuxGuru  +   2595d ago
That's not German. That's Dutch.

Not that anyone cares about that obvious mistake.
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Kleptic  +   2595d ago
and is this the first official review of the game?...the PS blog stated that the first review would be hitting news stands relatively soon, and that it was by some PS mag...but can't remember what it said...

the more I see of this game though...the funnier it becomes about how everyone was whining about how it would only be that concrete opening level throughout the game...the diversity shown so far, which isn't even the whole game, is out of control...

I keep getting some strange feelings that some more big announcements are the rumored Co-Op expansion ending up shipping with the game or GG and Sony both know how important that is for a shooter currently...and every question related to it is met with 'we are not going to talk about that', or simply 'its possible, but no announcements'...I have yet to read an actual dev saying a simple 'no'...other than the 'no co-op at launch, but...'...that motherh made last summer...who knows...would be a shame for this game to get hammered because it lacks enough features...CoD 4 is probably the only title that will ever get away with that again...its more or less required now...hopefully that at least announce that a co-op mode of some sort is coming as DLC by launch (the announcement being made by launch I mean) is coming...whatever, can't wait...

it may be a smart move though...keep everyone wrapped up with the graphics and competitive mode...and then slip the announcement for co-op in closer to it would easily build a lot of media coverage, and get people excited in the early review phase of things...i'm thinking and hoping out loud it seems...
Coffin87  +   2594d ago
rofl i was about to post that. xD
the dutch are the ones that SELL weed LEGALLY in europe - the germans are the jealous nieghbours that keep jumping over the fence to buy their weed there.

was that clear for anyone? ^^
pixelsword  +   2594d ago
Although I don't care, I'm glad you said that...
...I live where a lot of dutch girls are, maybe I can get one up in my room to translate this for me, because I wanna know what the article says.
TheHater  +   2595d ago
can someone please
describe what it says? Thanks
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2595d ago
When sniper goes into cloaking, it looks like it's disintegrating.

That's awesome.
Kleptic  +   2595d ago
yeah none of us realy have seen how the cloak works in single player, if there even is one...but in multiplayer...its simply awesome...and is crazy how well it works despite seeming over powered...

you stand still, and you are 95% invisible...every slight adjustment (even scoping the rifle) will cause you to flicker a little...but holding perfectly still and you are invisible unless scanned with a reticle...if you fire and miss, you simply flicker again while you reload...if you fire and hit, the cloak turns off, and takes 15 seconds to recharge...and if you move, it wears off until you stop again...

the coolest part imo is how the effect works on your own you can judge how well you are cloaked by the blueish tint your screen gives...when you move it goes back to normal, stop, and it tints again...and yeah, its awesome how the cloaked sniper will sort of disentegrate...not just pop in or out of view...if they are moving slowly, like 50% of their character model is visible, making it look like they are some sort of hologram or something...its an awesome effect...and is very useful, yet very balanced at the same time...
El_Colombiano  +   2595d ago
There is NO WAY that exists. You just made that up. That would be far to amazing for a gameplay mechanic! Tell me that your not kidding!
Kleptic  +   2594d ago
no man...its kind of a big deal...

GG has managed to create a sniper class that doesn't allow you to camp have to use the class in a realistic way...the best snipers would get a kill, relocate, and repeat...killzone 2 simply doesn't allow you to sit in one spot and pick people off until you are out of ammo...that first kill will have about 6 rockets coming your way 3 seconds later, or makes you an easy target for another sniper...

it works brilliantly, as it is the mechanic implemented into the game instead of like CoD 4 allow players to go prone and be entirely invisible from any real distance with the right cover...which encourages camping, and makes most snipers stay in the exact same spot as long as possible (not that I really mind, as it was always fun to knife an idiot laying the grass with his ass pointed at you)...killzone 2 allows you to be invisible if still, until you pick someone off...and the excellent map design forces players to be constantly moving...its a shooter fans dream come true...although if your play style is of the find a place and sit the entire match, you might hate this game...

its awesome...the first kill is extremely rewarding, then intense as your position is given away on radar and the fact that you are plainly visible after that shot...some unlucky guy on the other team took a kill, but rewards his team mates near him by making you visible...but that isn't the half of the second sniper ability is to put a big crosshair on every visible players head...for all your team mates to see...which results in you marking the enemies first (which does not take away your cloak), then picking off their 'leader'...while the rest of your team knows exactly where they are (the marks are visible through walls and everything)...its ridiculously perfect...
LinuxGuru  +   2594d ago
Wow, Kleptic. That sounds great.
El_Colombiano  +   2594d ago
Wow GG might have a 10/10 game in their hands. WOW I am just speechless at how perfect you made that sound. Now I just pray to God that the sniper is not like COD4's, where you have to approximate where the enemy is moving and shoot ahead of him so that the bullet and him meet up for the kill.
Meus Renaissance  +   2595d ago
I was in the Beta for this game. Control sensitivity took some tweaking, but after that - fell in love with it. I miss it so bad.

KillZone 2 is something special. I hope it gets the sales it deserves.
Danja  +   2595d ago
same here hope it sells really well for all the hard hard GG has put into this game..

Hope Sony markets this really well also....
INehalemEXI  +   2595d ago
I know Im sold.
Kleptic  +   2595d ago
agreed...put 35 hours into in the beta...some minor control tweaks are needed from default (and a lot more options where confirmed for the final game)...but after you get used to the weight and momentum of your character, and the how sighting, crouching, and hip firing are balanced (which is VERY different from other current console shooters)...there is simply no going back...

that is my single favorite thing about the game...the damage it takes to kill someone, the amount of ammo you have per clip, the time it takes to reload, the fact that hip firing is still useful with many weapons at medium range, and that every gun has entirely its own feel and benefits/weaknesses for different doesn't have the customization of something like CoD 4 (weapon wise)...but to me that is the good thing...even the 2 assault rifles are VERY different guns, and require different playing styles (1 has faster firing, faster movement while shouldered, but is less accurate, and less powerful...the other is slower firing, very accurate when shouldered but aims slower, and slightly more powerful)...

every problem i had with the beta was confirmed to be fixed for release...the RL spamming will be gone, and the medic revive issues as well (you couldn't 'tap out' of being mortally wounded in the beta, which resulted in medics reviving you in the middle of fire just to get their point, and you would get killed again before even standing up...that will be fixed for release)...

I can't wait...nothing compares to this game imo...its unbelievable how GG has taken the genre and not focused on radically changing anything...instead focusing on some subtle changes that work so well its simply crazy they were not done before...and are guaranteed to be done from here on out...the game reminds me of cars...A corvette is pretty good at what its supposed to do...its looks ok...and has pretty good handling, but it has its flaws...and a true European performance car is better in ways that are hard to explain on paper...a BMW M3 for example doesn't blow a Corvette away in any single area...but it has thousands of subtle features that make me appreciate it much more...the M3 is an awesome looking machine that does almost everything perfectly, yet isn't drastically different than anything else in its class, and has arguably zero flaws...killzone 2 is the BMW M3 of first person shooters...
Meus Renaissance  +   2595d ago
I also changed the control scheme to resemble that of COD4. It's strange why GG chose such an alien control scheme when most people are already accustomed to a particular layout.
PotNoodle  +   2595d ago
They chose to do that with the control scheme because..
It isn't supposed to be a run and gun game, not like CoD. They want to encourage you to all play your part in your squads all with different classes, think about what you want to do.

I did too change the control scheme because it feels more natural to me now, but the toggle aiming is one thing that takes a match or two to get used too but after using it you see why it is there, like i said above, it is supposed to be a team tatical game, not run and gun.
Kleptic  +   2594d ago
in reality all they did was kept the default control scheme the same as killzone 1 more or less...

but I too am now more used to a more cod 'hold to sight' layout, rather than the awkward R3 click for sighting...

doesn't matter anymore though...the final game was confirmed by GG to have toggle/hold options for crouch and sighting (either way you want for either action)...and fully customizable well as increased sensitivity for those that want it...which would be good...I played the game with sensitivity maxed out, and would have liked a click or two beyond that if possible...

the dead zones are supposed to be adjusted too for the final game...which was my only real concern...small adjustments were tough because there was a bit more play in the sticks than was needed I thought...they mentioned that being an issue with the framerate (as in the play is needed when the framerate tanks) and was done on purpose for the beta, knowing the lag induced frame drops would be an issue for some...and that it won't be quite as 'loose' at release...
Giriath  +   2594d ago
^They confirmed that there wouldn't be fully customizable controls. There will however be control schemes for pretty much any layout you can think of.
Aclay  +   2595d ago
I really want to find out more about those newer, smaller Helghast's, or at least their tactics in battle. They look like they are pretty stealthy by their small size, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see in the full game.

Sometimes I just can't believe that Killzone 2 is less than 2 months away.... damn, time sure does fly.
daomay  +   2595d ago
Been playing COD4 and resistance like it is my second wife on crack
Now I Can't seem to enjoy it that much.

'Cause all I could think about is Killzon 2.

That RROD on the Helghan eye look amazing maybe
Sony is trying to send a message to MS hmmmm
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Liquid Snake  +   2595d ago
lol at that the last two lines.
Kleptic  +   2595d ago
if Killzone 1 didn't have the helghast goggles implemented...I would argue that Sony did it on purpose for the sequel...
griff  +   2595d ago
maybe sony is indeed sending a message...
one of the scans shows marcus fenix shot down by helgan snipers.
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bviperz  +   2595d ago
LittleBigKillzone  +   2595d ago
Dont worry guys..
Sony will market this game like crazy.. Already with the Amazon and Best buy pre order promos and this game is still 2 months from release! Oh yea, and i walked into 2 different gamestops today in my area and BOTH of them had a HUGE killzone 2 poster hanging on the wall behind the register with big letters "pre order now" and beside it, a wall with rows and rows of game cases with the killzone 2 box art. This game will be HUGE, im calling it now.. it will sell a million on day 1.. this game also comes out on a friday, payday for a lot of people.
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cryymoar  +   2595d ago
not just sony
i'm marketing this game myself.
i'm so hyped for this game. check out my marketing.

the image inside animates as well so it gives it a commercial feel to it.
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sher00win99   2594d ago | Spam
RyuStrife  +   2595d ago
Haha, 4/4. Nice XDD
cryymoar  +   2595d ago
that first page just ate my heart alive. this game is going to be sick. gamers, prepare for Killzone 2 to separate the men from the boys.
Irving  +   2595d ago
Lol its Dutch, not German :)
Irving  +   2594d ago
Translation of online section...
"But the overall experience goes much further: to the community on his advice to operate is at the same time as the game is launched. This is a community site like you rarely see. Killzone 2, the game, keep close to 100 stats of both your single and multiplayer experience and information that will both through the game and the site. In addition, the site developer blogs contain background information about whole bunch of 'clan tools'. Through the site alone, you can create your own page, recruit members, catch up on your own forum, set up matches and a host of other features to enjoy.

Killzone 2 is that online level, inspired by other leaders, is no surprise. Besides a number of original additions (see article), Killzone 2 online is a mixture of Team Fortress 2 where you can write and play a crucial role in classes, as in COD4 you rankings and a perk-like system in the form of badges. Very cool is the ability to make bets on matches. Who dares high stakes and then knows how to win the game, can quickly climb the ranking ladder."
rockleex  +   2594d ago
They should make sure
The website works for the PS3 web browser. And it would be even nicer if you can access your Killzone page etc straight from the game!
milkyway  +   2594d ago
kewl. That is all
LinuxGuru  +   2594d ago
If and when a demo of KZ2 will instantly become the most downloaded item from the PSN.

Kain81  +   2594d ago
welcome to the next Level of Gaming
my friends
shingo  +   2594d ago
awesome scans!! i miss the beta too :(

february = earth will shatter! :O
Endless_X  +   2594d ago

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

top left

Killzone 2

The Guerilla offices are all abuzz with activity. Dozens of journalists from both the Netherlands and abroad have come to Amsterdam, famous for its red light district and coffeeshops, after being notified there would be playable nearly finished code from Killzone 2.
All of us are packed in the lobby, where we all wait in excitement for the final guests to arrive. It is a historic moment: after four years of development today will be the first time the game will be shown to the press.

top right

Shortly before we enter the presentation room, the broadshouldered Hermen Hulst, managing director at Guerilla joins our side at the Benelux-delegation.
Some pleasantries are exchanged, which tells us the man is confident at the upcoming event. Four years of his life he has worked on this project, and now he is ready to confront the outside world with it.
And the famous E3-trailer from 2005? He actually brings that up himself: "That damned trailer", he starts, and shows some footage: It easily surpasses most expectations.

Tabula Rasa

It hasn't been easy, as relative unexperienced developer Guerilla had a long way to go; the team had to find the essence of what makes a FPS tick. "How do you envelop the player in the chaos, action and intensity that is shown on the screen" was the main question the guys at Guerilla asked themselves.
Their answer? To make sure the player is interrupted as little as possible from the experience, and that is why it is essential everything happens from a first person view, even the "duck and shoot" system and the interaction with the environment.
A second priority was to make the player statisfied with the effect of firing a weapon. In killzone 2 every bullet has a destructive impact, just just on the environment, but also on the characters.
To this effect, Guerilla developed a so-called "hit response system", a technique that combines motion capture animations with impulses of the physics engine in a dynamic way. The reactions of the enemies when hit are near endless due to this. The enemies twitch, turn and tumble realistically when pumped full of load, and one can even decaptitate them in a final climax of bloodletting.

Deep-rooted hate

With this the core of the gameplay should be set, but oviously the settings of fights (lower left page) play an important role.
While we had to defend our own little planet from a blitzkrieg invasion in the first part, and on the PSP in Liberation the colony Vecta played the battleground; this time the ISA (interplanetary strategic alliance) puts on a great display of power and goes fro Helghan, homeplanet of the Helghast to root out the core of the evil.
It goes without saying you don't undertake these suicidal mission alone, During the game you are always assisted by AI controlled buddies.
You should be happy for this, because from the moment you kick in the proverbial back door of the helghast, it becomes apparant you shouldn't expect a warm welcome. From the first moment you put foot on Helghan you feel the immense threat and the deep rooted Evil for the ISA.
You may think you are on the good side; but for the Helghasr this is a battle for survival, a last chance to defend their planet and they won't hesitate a second to blast you to pieces.

Spoiler alert

It will not be a short battle, since Helghan isn't exactly the smallest planet. By putting a lot of variation in the levels, Guerrila hopes to give a feeling for the immenseness of the planet.
In total there are 10 scenarios, with five strongly different environments. Some of these were already shown in previous expositions such as the E3 and Leipzig, but today we are shown the final four levels.
Before we can even yell "spoiler alert!" the videomaterial is shown.
In a first level we are on a train that races through a bleak landscape (Don't we know this from Gears of War people?). The feeling of speed of amazing and this has an effect on the fighting. Granates cannot be thrown as far by the wind blasting by and might actually come back to the sender in the worst case scenario.
Next we are shown the refinery level. where we get a glimpse of the "Arcweapon" for the first time.
The arcweapon is a huge weapon that generates bursts or electricity in the direction of the Helghast. Since their bodies are excellent conductors, you don't even have to aim. Furthermore, they even conduct these burst to other Helghast nearby if they are close enough. Convenient maybe, but we fear a bit this makes it too easy.
At the end the fighting becomes intense: the elite soldiers of the Helghast (famous for their hand-to-hand weapons) penetrate you spaceship and apparantly losing a war is not part of their dictionary.
In the last level finally an immense final showdown is happening in which everything is on the line. By that time you have access to over the 15+ weapons in the game so you should be able to give a good reckoning for your hide. But enough about singleplayer, since there is a lot more to this game.

Lower right page:

Original Mix

In online multiplayer Killzone 2 is a lot more ambitious than its predecessor. The game contains 8 maps and supports from 2 to 32 players. Notable is the fact that bots are also available, in case you are short of players or just want to practice to avoid getting called "noob".
Looks neat, but we have to add that the AI of the bots isn't exactly up to standard yet. A few of the computer generated players walked by us, missing us inches without taking the effort to actually shoot at us.
Guerilla aims to create an experience that is at least as intense and chaotic as the singleplayer campagne is, while at the same time giving enough options to the player for customization of the game experience.
The player can play as ISA or Helghast, and there are different classes, which all have so-called badges (comparable with perks in COD4) to choose from.
There are 5 different mission modes (each customizable) that start automatically during gameplay.
During our time playing with the game the game switched from "conquering areas" to protecting a randomly chosen member of our party. The way in which these modes switched seamlessly was impressive.

Online extention

But the total experience goes further: to serve the community, is launced together with the game.
This is a community site with a detail rarely seen. Killzone 2. the game, tracks about 100 stats from the game, both single and multiplayer which are available both from the game and the site.
Furthermore, the developers will put up blogs, backgroundinformation and a whole range of "clan tools".
It is possible to create your own page, recruit members, start a forum, set up matches and a lot more.
To round up his presentation with style, Hermen refers back a final time to the trailer from 2005: "I want to show you guys a last video, which isn't real time or in-game to emphasize that this time" he mentions with a smile. It is a ultimate closing act of a promising game that will cause a lot of commotion next year.

In short:

It happens only rarely that a developer shows everything at a previewevent, but it shows something. Guerilla want us to know it has nothing to hide and that they are very proud of their work, and rightly so: what we have seen and played so far is nothing short of the top of shooters at the moment.

Short stories:

team fortress 2 + cod4 = killzone 2?

That killzone would be inspired by other blockbusters in the genre is no suprise. Except for a few original additions killzone seems to be a mix of TF2 and COD4.
Just like TF2 you can deploy turrets and the classes play a crucial rule. Just like in COD4 rankings and perk-like abilites are available.
One cool feature is the possibility to bet on matches: whoever dares to bet high and actually come through in the matches can climb the ranking ladder very fast.

"This game isn't even possible to run on inferiour processers like the Xbox 360...". This game has to be a benchmark for othergames.
Sevir04  +   2594d ago
pure pure awesomeness. I cant wait to play this game.
I really wanna play this. first day purchase for me.
Magic_The_Celt  +   2594d ago
World first exlusive review in OPM UK 20th of january

expect a 9 or 10 ;)
MRMagoo123  +   2594d ago
GODSAKES will the game just come out already.
xg-ei8ht  +   2594d ago
Will be 10/10

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