PCGH: Flops 2008 - Software, games and hardware

Bugs, a poorly scheduled release date, missing acceptance by the users or ridiculous prices; all those reasons can cause a product to miss the expectations of the producers.

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GiantEnemyLobster3634d ago

Hopefully the mods made by us gamers can make up for that crappy product that was released on the PC.

Lumbo3634d ago

There is no article, just a bunch of pictures taken seemingly at random...

ChampIDC3634d ago

If you would read more, it says the explanation of the flop is the caption of the pictures.

Lumbo3634d ago

which is not shown unless you mouse-over, and that one disappears in a split second .. very professional way of presenting, not.

ChampIDC3634d ago

Never said it was professional =)

I never like the way this site presents stuff.

Lumbo3634d ago

I can agree on that account, the presentation suxx, so does the whole site.

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ambientFLIER3634d ago

FarCry 2 was pretty disappointing for me. I played it for a day after pre-ordering, and haven't touched since. I'll probably fire it up once in a while just to look at the pretty graphics.

poindat3634d ago

I feel like I'm the only person that enjoyed it. I loved trekking it through the wilderness to avoid guard posts, and the action was okay.

It's one of those games you enjoy in short bursts (well to me, anyways.)

ChampIDC3634d ago

I feel the same way poindat. If you play in bursts, you don't really notice the repetition.