Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Sells 300,000 in First Four Days

GamingShogun writes, "The action game Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 was released on 12-18-2008 (in Japan) for the consoles Xbox 360, PS3 and PS2 , and sold 303,000 units in just four days. The original game sold over 500,000 units total..."

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IzKyD13313641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

58% of sales came from PS3
33% came from PS2
9% came from 360

Yep, I really think the 360 is finally catching on in Japan.....

YoMeViet3641d ago

ohhoho yesh he said 360 is catching up in Japan but it sold the least. So he saying it's catching it up but its not really catching up. hahaha yesh he's saying the opposite, hes funny. ohhoho!

IzKyD13313641d ago

lmao, that made me crack up

Andreas-Sword3641d ago

The game "DW Gundam 2" is released on 12-18-2008.

12-18-2008 through 12-21-2008 (so in four days):

"DW Gundam 2" for the PS3 has sold 176,400 units.
"DW Gundam 2" for the PS2 has sold 99,700 units.
"DW Gundam 2" for the Xbox 360 has sold 27,000 units.
bringing total sales over 303,000 units in first four days.

This is very good!

I wait for the European version. I would like to finally play the game :)

MURKERR3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

ps2 sales 'woah' the little buggers still going strong!

Danja3641d ago

those are pretty good sales for the PS3 & PS2..

360 doing ok numbers I guess since most ppl in Japan would probably buy it on the PS3 ne ways.

Jock3641d ago

360 figures are phenomenal damn....the PS2....ran circles around the old coffee table.

Idree3641d ago

Yeah me too!

Can't wait for some Strike Freedom action!

Finally a they've added Strike Freedom to a game other than Rengou vs ZAFT 2 Plus on the PS2 ;_; which was only released in Japan.

Now i can duke it out with Sazabi with my Strike Freedom xD

Which makes it even more awesome!

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Sully3641d ago

Holy sh1t when the PS2 outsells the Xbox on Gundam sales something is wrong. Micro$haft might aswell give up in Japan.

Qorious3641d ago

And people wonder why the keep making these games... *sigh*

baum3641d ago

I hate these games, repetitive garbage.

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