The Best Games to Play Drunk

The same site that gave us the hilarious Best Games to Play Stoned article has gone live with a follow-up piece that looks at gaming under a different type of intoxication.

"What types of drunks are you? Happy? Surly? Remorseful? Any other of the seven Duffs? Never underestimate this factor, it may make the difference between kicking absolute arse at a fighting game, or kicking real-time arse in a fit of belligerent rage against somebody you'd normally label a mate. The remorseful next day make-up can be a real bitch. Especially if it's in a hospital."

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OGharryjoysticks3638d ago

Pick any years version and get to it.

Rice3638d ago

i agree on u with that, especially the newer versions. I also have to put Cod4 up there, your trying to concentrate so hard but its impossible, especially wen the game starts to tense, it became really loud and alot of screaming when someone dies.

HighDefinition3638d ago

The only game I enjoy playing while drinking w/ friends is Rockband.

Sports games are the worst easily.

SlappingOysters3638d ago

I just get too frustrated too quickly as I die time and time again because of no other reason than being drunk.

claney3638d ago

I die then i realise o sh1t his in the window
and i try to shot even tho im dead :(

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Johnny Rotten3638d ago

I'm surprised they didn't have a "hack n slash" category, there's nothing better than playing Dynasty Warriors 3 with a box of chicken wings and a 26er of rye!

UnSelf3638d ago

i love Dynasty Warriors 3

SlappingOysters3638d ago

The hacking and slashing is alright, but I just do not know what is going for the most part and lose interest quickly.

Kratos Spartan3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

mtrla kobmat
twtsed medul
srta wasr batlfrunt
nd cuppl som mor
yea O_o

Lord Vader3638d ago

Gears 1 for me...

or Yur Mom...


Agent-of-Evil3638d ago

Check out PAIN when your drunk. Play your own music, and the sexy chicks. Good Times!!!

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