Soulja Boy Video Uses Xbox Avatars

The Koalition: Soulja Boy might just be the biggest 360 fanboy on the planet. That doesn't take away from him being somewhat entertaining. With that being said his new video "Grind On" takes some swipes at fellow video game addict rapper Charles Hamilton. The Xbox commercial…I mean Soulja Boy video gets real creative using the new avatar creator in the dashboard. Check it out above!

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Spike473634d ago

anybody that doesn't listen to hip-hop, this is NOT what true hip hop is about.

His videos are pointless, but he's 16 and rich so let him enjoy it.

Kevin McCallister3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

He's actually 18 now which makes things even worse. When Nas was around that age he was recording a classic (Illmatic), while this guy is doing nothing of any relevance for the genre.

furymasterzero3634d ago

Ummm, I thought hip hop made hip hop look retarded?

HighDefinition3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Way to generalize. -1

I bet you think your OPEN MINDED.

I found people who think their open minded are usually the most ignorant when it comes to music, by only listening to their type of music while trashing everything else.

lil Titan3634d ago

furymasterzero kill yo self on another note why is this on here i mean jeah his vid uses the xbox avatar not to mention he is the WORST...dont know what to even call him he's not an artist or a rapper but this is so stupid any and evey thing gets aproved as news on this site what the f**k so this would be considered as news then huh

cwir3634d ago

you just made yourself look retarded

prowiew3634d ago

I cant beleive nobody here at n4g didnt like or at least sing it at a party party with the song crank that. It is really a classic party song. The rest of the cd probably sucks.

InMyOpinion3634d ago

My music taste is better than yours! lol!

HWG3634d ago

This guy... kid... whatever he is, he's a joke. I hate rap, but this takes the cake. He says "I jus' get my grind on" and that's about it with a repetitive, unimaginative, and annoying backbeat. This goes for MOST ( not all ) rap and hip-hop. Sure, there was a time when it was decent music - but those days are gone. This guy should be BANNED from the outside world. How people find him entertaining only highlights their stupidity.

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Killakap3634d ago

that song is horrible! good idea bad execution

Johnny Rotten3634d ago

why is this toolbag making the news?

Stryfeno23634d ago

I'm a xbox/hip hop fan and that video is embarrassing.

Snake Raiser3634d ago

:) BIG BOSS suspected as much.

Sonyfanclubpresident3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

this nigga makes me laugh and actually entertains me.

While Hiphopgamer has trouble forming words,and b1tches,moans,whines,crys,etc,
non stop about how the world is down on da PS3.

Soulja is the man boeeeey!

SONYSLAVE3633d ago

for the real talk ps3 suck i mean ps2 was hard tho ya feel me??

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lil Titan3634d ago

calling him a rapper is giving him TOO much credit

InMyOpinion3634d ago

Nah man. P Diddy is worse as a lyricist.