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Submitted by n4gn4gn4gn4g 2603d ago | rumor

Capcom hints Dead Rising coming to PS3 via PlayStation Network

During a recent blog posting at the Official SCEA PlayStation Blog, John Diamonon of Capcom seems to confirm that Dead Rising is on its way to PSN.

In response to a question posed by one visitor to the site,

"I must say that it is awesome that you announced Dead Rising for the PSN, right? ;-) "

John's answer,

"Who announced it? Me? I don't think so! :)"

That well placed smiley certainly my be the clue that Dead Rising is on its way to PSN. (Dead Rising, PS3)

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whoelse  +   2603d ago
Wow CAPCOM and Sony are really becoming buddies, just like Square and Microsoft. :)
Danja  +   2603d ago
without the huge monthly checks..
1st day buy for me....just reminds me..I need to update my cash on my account....
sonarus  +   2603d ago
Where is that article where they said PS3 couldn't have full downloadable games but X360 was primed to
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Nathan Drake  +   2603d ago
Just a little tidbit
Dissidia is Square Enix's most successful game of 2008,beating out Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant.

It's funny;Their most successful game of 2008 happens to be on a Playstation platform :)
Axelay  +   2603d ago
The best selling game of square enix this year have been Dragon quest 5 that sell more than 1 millions in japan and it's on the ds (a nintendo console should i remind you)
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Jerkapotamus  +   2603d ago
Another comment on the same blog post

Notice comment number 19:
When’s Dead Rising coming to PS3?


It wouldn't make much sense to reply to that unless there was something going on with it. I hope it's true.
barom  +   2603d ago
I hope it's true and if it is on PSN that would be even more awesome. More and more I love buying Digital content. Simply because I'm too lazy to take out the disc and put in a new one. I just love launching everything directly from the console.
uie4rhig  +   2603d ago
you're right.. it all started when Sony gave them their own PSN Store lol..
Doppy  +   2603d ago
Finally. I hope it's a good port.
xwabbit  +   2603d ago
We need to support this people. So they bring us more stuff ^_^
Sarcasm  +   2603d ago
This is awesome if it's true. I already have it for the 360, but I'd download it again just for the trophies.
CrazzyMan  +   2603d ago
Cool =)
That would be VERY nice. =))

If just mistwalker would somehow port LO and BD, then i totally could forget about x360 existence. =)) Well, maybe NG2 improved version, and that`s it.
Not, that these 2 rpg games are very great, but i wouldn`t mind to have those 2 on PS3.

p.s. and bring my sixth bubble back, thnx. =]]
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Menech  +   2603d ago
That's the way this site works my friend to get bubbles you just have to declare your unending love for Sony. I try to be neutral to both brands actually saying something good about the 360 and not having 1 bubble is quite and achievement.

Look at Nathan Drake for example he's the biggest douchewad but because he's a Sony fan he has bubbles.
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mr_potato  +   2602d ago
1.12 guess you werent there last year when it was the contrary and xbox fanboys had the power.

Now the balance has shifted and you better not type any comment take a beer and have fun.
ThanatosDMC  +   2602d ago
If it does, i hope they add more stuff in the game than the one from the 360 since i all ready have it. If they add more stuff worth my money, then i'll buy the game.
The Lazy One  +   2602d ago
smiley equals confirmation now...
Halochampian  +   2602d ago
@lazy one
Hah.. I was thinking the exact same thing. :)
rockleex  +   2602d ago
I would like the secret to be...
Monster Hunter MMORPG for the PS3(possibly 360 also) instead.
RebornSpy  +   2602d ago
When has a smiley not been confirmation?
Legion  +   2602d ago
All the Sony PSN games are not coming to the XBox Live Arcade. :)

Hhhhmmmm... smiley at the end, how devilish!! Must mean they are.
prowiew  +   2602d ago
Is a little old but it is still awesome. Is one of my favorite games n 360. I was thinkin on buying the game again on 360 ( cause i traded it), but i will wait to see if this is true. Maybe they will add things.
Hoggy1983  +   2602d ago
Good news if true
I'm not sure if this is actually going to go to the PS3 in the first place but great news if so. Im a 360 owner but I have to admit I'm happy to see it go to the PS3 as its been kicking around for a long time and its a great game which deserves to be played by all.
MorganX  +   2602d ago
Great News!!
Trophies Please!! This is one game I will definitely play through again on the PS3 platform. Makes sense given that Dead Rising 2 is coming to the Playstation 3.

Nice One! All that's missing now is Gears of War.
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doshey  +   2603d ago
omg please let it come to psn i will buy it
THC CELL  +   2603d ago
me 2 i had it for xbox 360

i wonder if we will see new contents etc
i never played it much on 360 due to playing a lot of rainbow six
El_Colombiano  +   2603d ago

PLEASE CAPCOM!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! AHHH YEAH!!! THERE IT IS MY FAVORITE 360 ON THE PS3!!! AHHHH YEEEEESSSSS!!!!! TODAY IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! (not really)YEESSSS!!!! I would kiss Capcom right now if it were a human being! YESSSS!!!
xwabbit  +   2603d ago
ROFL Colombiano
rogimusprime  +   2602d ago
please make the font BIGGER for psn. (yes, i know its not going to happen, but I can hope, right?)
HighDefinition  +   2603d ago
It`s the best game on 360......
that and Fable2, IMO.

If it does come, Dead Rising 2 will aswell, which is the BEST news that came from this for me.
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cayal  +   2603d ago
So far I think Mass Effect is the best 360 game.
MazzingerZ  +   2603d ago
I don't think this is the best the X360 could offer, the game wasn't good, it's competition were PS2 was the typical title that comes out during the 1 year of a console was then when several of those "Best game catalogue" got really high scores just because looked better than a PS2 game.

I think it's great it will be available for download, though...19 USD would be a fair price I guess unless extra content is included.

The most relevant here is to see how CAPCOM is really pleased with SONY not having download limits and providing them an own PS Store... EA is next, Ubisoft, etc...this comes to confirm to everybody that when it comes to Digital Distribution of games, SONY is ahead

what will happen is that Microsoft will incread the download limit as well...let's see if SONY makes some moves that would make that changed in their policy useless.
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FrankenLife  +   2602d ago
best whatever
It is still one of the most fun games on the 360. It is simple. The AI was as dumb as can be. That's great for zombies, bad for saving people. However there is a lot more to the game than what you see. I loved all the unlockables. Megaman's buster is awesome, and hilarious. The Magazines were a great modifier in the game.

The game is just satisfying. Killing zombies in fun and interesting ways is satisfying. The game really doesn't have to be much more than that. It works, and I love it. I would happily buy it again.
MorganX  +   2602d ago
Agree, best = most fun
I hated it, until I learned how to play, and how to apply the books to the proper weapons. The time sucked until you got good and learned all the tricks and found all the goodies. Going back after you master the mechanics and saving as many people as possible was really fun.

Some would say having to learn the mechanics of a game is a flaw, but in the end, fun is fun. I would like a better save game mechanism in Dead Rising 2.
rucky  +   2603d ago
Gimme gimme gimme!
HDgamer  +   2603d ago
Wouldn't mind playing this. I just hope the price of the game is around 20-30.
Mozilla89  +   2603d ago
If its like Burnout
Then it will probably be around $30, I've never played it but wouldn't really mind giving it a try. Maybe it will have a trailer announcing Dead Rising 2 lol.
Danja  +   2603d ago
This game is gonna be $'s been out for like close to 3 years now....
NJShadow  +   2603d ago
Yeah, that would actually make sense. By putting Dead Rising out on the PSN, you make the name more known, thus setting up the second for possibly better sale numbers.
Cwalat  +   2603d ago
this is the worst speculation ever !

how the fu**k can a smiley face, turn into.. "OMG DEAD RISING COMING TO PSN"

... LOl

:P although it would be GREAT if true... ppl need to stop acting like overhyped meth takers...
Shaka2K6  +   2603d ago
I wouldnt be surprised if the Xbug 3rd60 losse yet another exclusive, the 3rd60 is such an abysmal Flop world wide, there is zero reason for third ...
Dannagar  +   2603d ago
Dead Rising was by all means, one of my favorite Xbox 360 games. I'm proud that I got all 1000 achievements. I hope this comes to Playstation 3 because it's a game everyone needs to experience.
lokiroo420  +   2603d ago
how the f*ck can you get so upset by a statement made on a website, slow down and take a chill pill.
El_Colombiano  +   2603d ago
YES MY FAVORITE AND THE BEST 360 GAME!!! YESSS!!! This was my only regret when dumping my 360 after my 3rd RROD. YES! I PRAY THIS IS TRUE!
Sangria  +   2603d ago
That's a very good news if it was true, but IMO that answer could fit with any Capcom product, such as Monster Hunter 3. I think it's only to make live the hype, even if i wish Dead Rising goes to PS3.
DevilsJoker  +   2603d ago
How is him saying 'Who announced that? Not me' conforming it enough for it to be taken seriously in any way?
darkpower  +   2603d ago
The emotioncon that he put with it at the end isn't something that someone wouldn't normally put onto the end of something like that. Something so small DOES make it THAT suspicious.

And...don't you WANT this to be true? If not, WHY?
The Lazy One  +   2602d ago
the question had a smiley in it, it's not unusual for the answer to have a smiley too.

Of course, I may be the only person that's ever used an instant messenger in my life...
xlx-russ_92  +   2603d ago
360 lost another exclusive lol. 1st Bioshock, then Lost Planet. Whats next Gears 3 or Mass Effect 2??? Time will tell!
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El_Colombiano  +   2603d ago
Dude screw the fanboyism this game is too good for that!
Nathan Drake  +   2603d ago
Gears 3=No,Microsoft have the entire franchise locked up.
Mass Effect 2=If it's published by EA,you can bet your ass it'll be on every platform known to man,wouldn't be surprised if the NGage gets it as well
darkpower  +   2603d ago
It's just playing fair, you know. You guys cheer up and down whenever the PS3 "loses an exclusive". Now you're beginning to see how we PS3 owners feel.

And by the way, I hope this news is true, as well. Dead Rising, I thought, was a VERY interesting concept (that Left 4 Dead kind of ripped off. Either way, Capcom are masters at this genre and this would be a very good thing to have on PSN. Not only are they proving to be somewhat in bed with Sony right now (you can have your own opinion on if that's a good or bad thing), but they are proving that DD can be a VERY good thing.
Andor_Trask  +   2603d ago
L4D ripped off Dead Rising? wtf? I didnt see any BEEs in L4D lol.

anyways, I hope this happens, Capcom is one of my favorite companies and them gettin' it on with my PS3 is just SUPER!!!

also, Left 4 Dead needs to come to PS3 as well. I have it on PC but I just wanna play it on a console (hopefully with some exclusive PS3 content? :D)
El_Colombiano  +   2603d ago
Ahh the bees, what were their purpose again? It been a while. And I wouldn't expect anything exclusive for L4D when it is released on PS3.
tigerstyle  +   2602d ago
@ Nathan Drake
"Gears 3=No,Microsoft have the entire franchise locked up."

No, Epic owns everything related to Gears of War Franchise.
The Logo, the name, the characters, and everything else.

Microsoft doesn't own any part of Gears of War franchise except for the 2 YEAR agreement with Epic for exclusivity of the game for the XBOX 360 Console.
El_Colombiano  +   2603d ago
He said "Who announced it". Meaning Dead Rising is to be announced so it is basically a conformation! Urgh damn it Capcom PLEASE ANNOUNCE IT!
DevilsJoker  +   2603d ago
No, he said 'Who announced it' jokingly. If it was going to be announced he certainly wouldnt ask, he'd know if it had been announced or not, hes either an idiot or joking. Hes obviously fairly respected so i doubt he's an idiot.

I think the reason im not fussed is because i love dead rising but went back and played it recently.... and its just not all that great anymore. Just hasnt aged too well, looks great, but something isnt there. Im hotly anticipating DR2, but number one re-released.... nah.
Kevin McCallister  +   2603d ago
That would be nice. I played the demo tons of times, but when the game actually came out, I kinda just forgot about it and never picked it up.
ultimolu  +   2603d ago

That would be great if true.
PirateThom  +   2603d ago
The only reason I didn't buy it for 360 was the time thing. If they remove that for a PS3 download version, I'd happily buy it.

I think people are reading far too much into this though. John jokes around a lot, so I wouldn't take that as confirmation.
HighDefinition  +   2603d ago
I actually like the TIMED thing......
I think it made it super replayable.
ReBurn  +   2603d ago
Agreed. The timing aspect adds to the challenge of the game. It makes it tough, if not impossible, to do everything in a single playthrough. At least you get to keep your stats when you restart.
Giriath  +   2603d ago
I hated it so bad I stopped playing!
name  +   2603d ago
That sounds like joking to me.
Rice  +   2603d ago
Ah, lame, sucks for me. Dont have a credit card and psn cards arently released in Canada :(
akaFullMetal  +   2603d ago
just get a debit card, thats what i use, im not sure if you allowed over there to use that though?
edwardcrisel  +   2603d ago
this game sucks
Andor_Trask  +   2603d ago
enjoy your wii
Anon1974  +   2603d ago
Ugh. I happen to agree.
I really wanted to like this game. I tried awfully hard, but fighting through waves of zombies for 20 minutes just to get to save thanks. What were they thinking? If they fixed that save system they might have had something.
DNAgent  +   2603d ago
Another 360 exclusive lost. They thought it was bad when it was lost to the Wii but now it will be on the PS3.

I still won't buy it though. Capcom is garbage.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2602d ago
Devil May Cry
Resident Evil
Zak & Wiki
Mega Man 9
Viewtiful Joe

How are all of those bad?
ravinshield  +   2602d ago
how did xbox 360 loose an exclusive when it was never announced as a exclusive in the first place stupid.only cuz capcom has not released it on the ps3 does not make it xbox 360 exclusive
cayal  +   2602d ago
er what does it make it then?
likedamaster  +   2602d ago
Don't forget...

Streetfighter series,
Lost Planet,
Bionic Commando,
Age of Booty
Venomish  +   2603d ago
I just watched the review

looks like pure old style fun time, i might get it if it is cheap
Baka-akaB  +   2603d ago
Cool , i wasnt interested much by the title , but if the price is right , i might get it on PSN
pixelsword  +   2603d ago
None for me, thanks...
...I don't do downloadable games.
austere  +   2603d ago
very kewl. Best 360 game I played I think. People had problems with the limited save areas. Sorta like L4D where you have to be in a safe room...but it makes sense.

Gonna have to buy it again. Traded it in a long time ago...for some reason...
#23 (Edited 2603d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DragonWarrior46534  +   2603d ago
Wow, this game is alright,, but you guys make it seem like the second coming. There are so many ps3 exclusives,, why are you guys talking about this game?
-GametimeUK-  +   2603d ago
I agree... I have the game and its not as amazing as people make out... I think its just because PS3 would be "stealing" an exclusive... Its surely not on the same level of MS getting Tekken, DMC and FF13 (and MGS4 substance when its announced)
Deviant  +   2603d ago
but its one of the few xbox exclusives left ....
ah who cares :-/
Danja  +   2603d ago
Mybe it's because ppl actually wanted to play this game but dont own a 360 and it looked pretty cool..

DMC4 was crap...apart for the fighting system..everything else was a step back from DMC3

Tekken 6 looks like Tekken 5.5....

FF13 shall be great.....Versus will be better..though...XD

and keep waiting for MGS4....on..8 DVD's
#24.3 (Edited 2603d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JHUX  +   2603d ago
From someone who played it on the 360, in my opinion it is the best 360 exclusive I have played, and if it is released on PSN I will for sure buy it. If I were to go buy a 360, 60percent of my reasoning behind it would be for that game, and If I could only choose one game to buy when I got it then I would choose that. It's like dawn of the dead videogame style, and thats one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much.
Sarcasm  +   2603d ago
The game mechanics isn't mind blowing. But just tearing up those zombies is the fun part.

Come on, you get to use dual mini chainsaws for crying out loud. Folks need to lighten up and KILL SOME ZOMBIES!

gambare  +   2603d ago
"Tekken, DMC and FF13"

it seems you forgot that namco, capcom and square made titles for the xbox before, just to mention Onimusha genma, FFXI and soul calibur IV with spawn as the special guest, so those were never "stolen", they decided to give something to the 360 users
Raoh  +   2603d ago
lol not that it wouldn't be welcomed but one thing i learned this generation of gaming is to stay away from (rumors, hints, i heard from a source, a friend, an insider, a worker at the manufacturing plant, and in this case a smiley)

please no more
Shadow Man  +   2603d ago
*spits on DNAgent*
I spit at the face of people who don't want to be cool.
#26 (Edited 2603d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
SONYSLAVE  +   2602d ago
i will just take a piss in his face.
that will do
cliffbo  +   2603d ago
on PSN? looks like Sony are going to show how old DVD is with PSN. if you want a real next gen game you better get a Blu-ray game
SpartanGR  +   2603d ago
Great just great. And what am i suppose do with a 3 year old game anyway huh?
#28 (Edited 2603d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
poindat  +   2603d ago
Play it.
JHUX  +   2602d ago
I would have to also say play it.

lol.. I'm still playing a 10year old game (cs1.6), and I have played it for 8 of those 10years. Good games don't get old. I still love to occasionally pop in Ocrina of Time and give that a play through it's such a good game (please be aware I am in no way comparing Deadrising to Ocarina Of Time or Cs1.6), but yeah I lost where I was going with this so this comment ends here.
Xenomorph  +   2603d ago
Cool, this is one of the xbox exclusives I wanted to buy.
ElementX  +   2603d ago
But I thought Sony Fanboys said digital downloads weren't going anywhere? Now they like it because Dead Rising might be available?
Sergeant Osiris  +   2603d ago
lol slow down fanboy
it is one thing to feature digital downloads as an added service for your console and QUITE another to stake your console's future on it as a way of getting around your obsolete storage format. On top of which your main competitor does it better than you do.
Marceles  +   2603d ago
It's going somewhere, but MS talks like it's going somewhere immediately or like it's replacing discs (partically Blu-ray) anytime soon. Being able to digitally download it is just another option of purchasing it, but it's not like we're throwing away discs...come on now. "so what if HD DVD died? digital downloads are better anyway blah blah".
ICUP  +   2603d ago
It didn't matter, SONY have both cover.
ElementX  +   2603d ago
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